Cast of Australian The Lion King Flashmobs Fellow Airline Passengers


Passengers on board a recent flight from Brisbane to Sydney Australia were treated to a mid-air serenade by Disney’s The Lion King Australia cast. Members of the cast had just been in Brisbane to announce the production would travel there in September once showings in Sydney wrap up.

Those flights across Australia can get pretty boring, maybe they should make this a feature on every flight. Have you seen The Lion King Musical? What did you enjoy the most from the production?

1 thought on “Cast of Australian The Lion King Flashmobs Fellow Airline Passengers”

  1. Living down under has it’s disadvantages sometimes, but finally we are starting to see these great shows turning up in Brisbane too. MAry Poppins came to town last year.

    I first saw the Lion King in Las Vegas, with my family, and it was mind blowing. The entrance with the animals coming out from the audience was just a wonderful sight. The Timone and Pumba act, plus Rafiki’s antics are just a laugh a minute.

    My child, 9 & 14 at the time came with along, the 14 year old who had just about worn out my Lion King DVD in his time just loved the whole show.

    My wife and I are definitely going to see it in Brisbane, and maybe in Sydney too when we travel down in June.

    This is what going to the theatre is all about!

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