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New Vera Bradley Disney Bags and Giveaway

Editor: I want to thank my wife Stacey for going to this event and sending back this report. I would have required hazard pay.

Disney Collection by Vera Bradley Debuts at Walt Disney World Resort Sept. 21, 2013

They’re here!! The Vera Bradley Disney bags arrived last month and they are super cute. If you love Vera Bradley, and who doesn’t, you will love these new designs. Mickey and Minnie have been successfully incorporated into the well known Vera Bradley designs and come in pink and black. The pink color is titled “Just Mousing Around,” while the black color is called “Midnight with Mickey.” There are several different bag styles available, but these are a Disney Parks exclusive. Next time you are at Walt Disney World or Disneyland, be sure to pick one up.


We also got our first look today at “Where’s Mickey?,” a new color pattern coming soon to the World of Disney at Downtown Disney Orlando. This new color will be featured on several styles including the hipster, backpack, large duffel, Smartphone wristlet and more. In addition the “Where’s Mickey?” color will also be carried via the Disney Parks Online Store. Look for availability to begin October 21st.

Disney Collection by Vera Bradley Debuts at Walt Disney World Resort Sept. 21, 2013

We were given one of the “Just Mousing Around” style coin purse/ID bag, as shown above although though the pattern differs slightly than the one in the picture, to give away. Trying Rafflecopter for the first time here. Would love any feedback on the process via the comments.

Update: Congratulations to Amanda Herbert on winning the drawing.

That’s it. Thanks for entering and good luck!

75 thoughts on “New Vera Bradley Disney Bags and Giveaway”

  1. I love the Vera Bradley coin purse in pink! Its super cute and would work great for quick and easy access of my license and money when out and about – especially in Disney World!

  2. I like the “Where’s Mickey?” pattern the best (I love blue and green together), and I love the Hipster style bags. It makes for easy traveling – I don’t have to physically carry my purse!

  3. Vera Bradley is headquartered in my hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I worked for Vera Bradley as an internship for the 2007 year. And every year, my wife and I brave the thousands of women and work a Vera Bradley outlet sale every April here in Fort Wayne! With my wife’s love for Disney AND Vera, this is a perfect match for her!

  4. I Love the Vera Bradley coin purse, It just looks soo cute perfect !!!!! and the fact that it’s disney and has Minnie and Mickey makes it the perfect little purse !!xx

  5. I love almost everything Vera Bradley does, but right now I’ll say the Caroline with leather trim is my favorite bag to carry!

  6. Right now I have two hipsters in a lighter color and in a darker color. One for the Spring Summer one for the Fall Winter. Love them they have greats amount of room and I have hands free and they are light (before I put anything in them).

  7. I’m normally not a big fan of Vera Bradley but the Mickey print in Black is amazing! I love the contrast between the bright colors and the black. Love the shoulder bag or if it came as a little backpack!

  8. I wasn’t really gung-ho about these patterns until they introduced “Where’s Mickey”. It’s subtle enough, that I’d feel comfortable using it outside of visiting the parks.

  9. Yay! When I was in WDW in early Oct for the Tot 10-miler, only the large pink duffels were available in the stores. Black must be selling like hotcakes :)

  10. I’m hoping that they have the bags in the bowler style, that is my favorite. It fits everything and expands and just looks so darn cute. But I love her stuff enough that I’m gonna buy at least one bag regardless, I’m weak and Mickey so cute.

  11. I love the Vera Bradley designs! I have been waiting to get them, especially the Midnight with Mickey.


  12. the Midnight Mickey design is awesome. i am generally not a fan of vera bradley, but i would totally use the ID wristlet.

  13. I love Vera Bradley! It doesn’t hurt to enter for stuff like this, right?

    The hidden Mickey bags are my favorite!!

  14. What could be better then Vera Bradley and Disney together?! I love them both! I was also in disney world the day they released them!

  15. The bags all look amazing! I can’t really afford Vera Bradley at the moment, but one day all of my purses will be Disney Vera Bradley!

  16. I’ve never owned a Vera but I would love to.. I think a Disney piece would be a great start to my collection!

  17. Was at DT Disney the weekend of the Tower of Terror run, trying to get something in “Midnight with Mickey.” Pickings were pretty darn slim. Now that I’ve seen “Where’s Mickey, ” though, think I’m glad I was forced to wait!

    And of course, I’d love to win the coin purse! :0)

  18. Love your blog! I really wanted the Midnight with Mickey pattern, but now, I am not sure. The “Where’s Mickey” is super cute! I love Disney and I love Vera Bradley, so perfect combination!

  19. I can’t wait until my annual trip to WDW in January so that I can buy something from the new “Where’s Mickey” line!

  20. WDW and Vera..very disappointed how you handled this. I just got home from WDW and the only bags available were the duffles which no one was buying. I heard
    many people expressing their disappointment. I had to order mine online AFTER being at the park, thus, having to pay shipping charges. And, forget trying to find any of the new Disney Camilla in the parks… have dropped the mouse big time. I never was so disappointed with a visit as I was this week…park was dirty and cast members were few…and nicer item selection was very poor. :(. Disney. are you listening?

  21. I echo what Mary Ann said previously. Was looking forward to picking up a hipster in Midnight with Mickey pattern. Very disappointed to find none available and even more so when I got home determined to order on line, thus paying shipping or adding something to get the free $75.00 award…only to find them sold out on line as well. Is this some kind of plot to make us Vera/Mickey maniacs even more crazy than we already are??! E-bay prices are ridiculous…I’m not that desperate…yet…..

    1. Frustrating to say the least. They have all the hype leading up to this and less than a month after the release, none available at the park or in Downtown Disney and no one, absolutely no one, able to help….this is not the Disney service I have known.

  22. Went to Disney World Nov. 22, 2013 only to find they were sold out of all hipsters, checked on-line while we were there and found a blue available at the Disney store, ordered it, when I rec’d the order it was all wrong, the packing list indicated what I ordered but what was in the box was not a purse but a child’s dress. Called right away and was told sorry the handbags are all sold out. Veeerrrry disappointing! Does anyone know if they will be making more?

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