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Will Iron Man 3 Beat Avengers Opening Weekend?

Iron_Man_3_Tony_StarkThe Walt Disney Studios is in for a huge box office weekend with Marvel’s Iron Man 3 opening in upwards of 4000 theatres across the United States and Canada tonight and tomorrow.

The film has already brought in $242.1 million internationally. It opened last weekend in over thirty countries, where it earned $198.4 million in its first three days—the ninth biggest overseas opening weekend ever, easily topping the foreign opening weekend total of $185.1 million earned last year by The Avengers.

The Avengersmassive success is feeding Iron Man 3’s strong performance. Although not officially a sequel (that is set for May 1, 2015), Iron Man 3‘s is effectively just that. “[It] is not being viewed as an Iron Man sequel as much as an Avengers sequel,” Keith Simanton, the managing editor of IMDb, which owns Box Office Mojo, tells The Atlantic Wire.

With a No. 1 opening guaranteed for North America and a total worldwide gross of at least $1 billion all but certain, the biggest question now is whether Iron Man 3 will be able to surpass The Avengers’ record $207.4 million domestic opening.

Industry watchers are doubtful, but I wouldn’t discount the possibility. It’s hard to picture a single moviegoer who saw The Avengers in theatres and even mildly enjoyed it (as I did) not wanting to come back for more.

Are you going to see Iron Man 3 this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Will Iron Man 3 Beat Avengers Opening Weekend?”

  1. We want to see it in a VIP theatre and everyone diddled and dawdled until there weren’t enough seats, so we’re going on Tuesday instead.

  2. No, not this weekend. I am not one to be the first in line to see a new HIT movie but I will definitely check it out after the hype dies down a bit.

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