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Disney CEO Bob Iger talks Marvel Theme Park

In an interview from earlier this year, Disney CEO Bob Iger talks with with Bloomberg’s Carol Massar about the recent acquisitions, Marvel’s movie properties and the possibility of a Marvel theme parks. Of course, he says its still early, but it sounds like wheels are possibly turning in terms of creating more value via a theme park. Alas, Florida is still very limited in what Disney can do with Marvel, but California and overseas is open. How does Disney-Marvel Adventures Japan sound?

Is it just me, or is Bob starting to show his years? Definitely more grey in the hair and more lines on the face too. He’s always looked younger than his true age. But the stress of being a CEO of the world’s largest entertainment conglomerate is showing.

5 thoughts on “Disney CEO Bob Iger talks Marvel Theme Park”

  1. Disney-Marvel Adventures Paris sounds awfully tempting to me, but we’re unlikely to see it this side if 2020 unless The Walt Disney Company buys out the remainder of Euro Disney S.C.A.

  2. This may be a really stupid question but why is Florida limited in what Disney can do with Marvel? I thought out of all the properties the company owned, Florida had the most space compared to everywhere else?

    1. Justin, because Universal Studios in Florida has the rights to use Marvel characters and another park in Florida can’t use them. Probably not every Marvel character but the ones you see in the parks nowadays.

      1. Actually, Universal owns the rights for theme parks on the entire east coast. Anything east of the Mississippi river and one other park I forgot the name of.
        Universal has these rights as long as they feel they want to keep paying for them….. Yeah. marvel signed that deal….. But only for characters in the theme park and rides, not any movies or toys or anything like that.
        Disney can make their park on the west coast with no problem, or they could offer a bigg honking wad of cash and convince Uni that the satisfaction they get isn’t worth it.

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