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How Bill Nye is one of the Most Influential Disney Personalities Ever

As many of you know by now, I am a high school student. I am currently a junior and have sat through MANY Science classes. Intro to Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics…and that isn’t even including my Elementary school years when it was just called “Science”. Do you know what every one of those classes have in common? An episode of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” was shown. If you were to go into any classroom in any school and mention Bill Nye, the students could sing you the theme song, describe an episode, and give you a fact about a science topic that they learned from the show.

From 1993 to 1998, PBS aired Buena Vista Entertainment and Disney Educational Programs’ “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” Over 5 seasons, the show created 100 original episodes on 100 different Science topics targeted towards kids trying to get them excited for Science. They did accomplish that goal in such a way that the facts learned in the episodes stuck with students for years to come. Funny voice overs, a laugh out loud script, and a recap parody song at the end of every episode, they all made kids EXCITED about the thought of Science.

Now my title might be a little jarring to some…”How can you say that Bill Nye, who only did one TV show, can be as influential as an Ollie Johnston or a Harriet Burns?” Well, while he did have a show, he is also featured in 3 theme park attractions (A voice in “Dinosaur”, and leads in “Ellen’s Energy Adventure” and the roller coaster simulator at DisneyQuest). His show, on the other hand, won 19 Emmys, including one for Bill himself for Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series. But, do you know the one thing that Bill Nye has that is similar to Tony Baxter or Barbara Walters? A Legacy. He has changed the way children learn Science. For me and my classmates at least, we have had many worksheets on various Bill Nye episodes. We have learned details and major concepts about Science from Bill Nye. His teachings have helped us on projects, tests, quizzes, and exams. He has changed the face of Science education for my generation.

Personally I think he should become a Disney Legend. You might not believe his views, but you have to admit that this man has helped teach students across the country and around the world. Do you agree with my thoughts on Bill Nye? Can you see him as a Disney Legend? Can you sing the theme song by heart? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time…here is an episode of Bill Nye…Have a Magical Day!

2 thoughts on “How Bill Nye is one of the Most Influential Disney Personalities Ever”

  1. i would have to agree with you. I’m currently a sophomore in college and Bill Nye forever changed the way our generation learns science. Even some of my college professors have talked about him in class. Our generation needs Bill Nye.

  2. I watched Bill every Sunday night. With every unit I teach (Science or not – Patterns in great for math) to my students, I look through the Bill Nye catalogue and we all (students, Educations Assistants, and partner teachers) all dance and sing to him. We also love his end of DVD features and quizzes. Yay for Bill!

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