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Finding Nemo AMC Quiet Please Theater Trailer

Besides the new Dine-in Theatres, once of the things I like about AMC Theatres is the creative way they communicate that it’s bad form (to say the least) to talk on your cell phone during a movie. For the latest trailer in that mold, we have a cute little Finding Nemo production courtesy of Disney and Pixar.

What punishment should await those who talk or otherwise interrupt a movie?

5 thoughts on “Finding Nemo AMC Quiet Please Theater Trailer”

  1. I love it!

    As to punishment for those who talk during a movie? They should have to pay for every person in the theater to see the movie again uninterrupted. And this includes those who brings kids too young to sit quiet through a movie. (Hint, if they are asking you what just happened every two minutes, they are too young to be there, even if it is a kid’s movie.)

  2. Preston Carter Melbourne-Weaver

    I agree with Mark. I got to a lot of movies, and there is nothing more frustrating than someone talking or texting on the phone during a movie.

    I wish there were more harsh punishments in place for people who do this. I almost feel it should be a law, with the punishment being a fine that equates to the number of seats multiplied by the prime time price. It’s extreme, but there’s nothing else that could be done. The theaters show these clips (which I love because it makes the message more entertaining, thus more people pay attention) and then turn the other way.

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