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Dumbo Photo-Op Now Open at Storybook Circus

The load and unload procedure for the new twin Dumbo the Flying Elephant spinners is an exercise in cast member efficiency. However, one family trying to get that perfect family photo can slow things down considerably. That’s why a stand-alone Dumbo was added as a photo op at the old Dumbo location and why it’s back and a center piece of the new attraction in Storybook circus.

The prop itself is under a nice shaded area, but there is plenty light during the day to get a good photo and lights above to illuminate the space at night. A set of stairs have been installed behind the ride vehicle to make climbing in and out of the car easier.

More photos below the jump:

Inside, you can see that this Dumbo looks much like the ones on the ride, just without the lever to move up and down. There is no ‘number’ on the Dumbo, like the flying versions have.

Here’s a closer look at the stylized mural behind the Dumbo. I think it does a good job of adding that Circus feel you would expect from Dumbo.

Finally, here’s an angle from the front.

Now that Dumbo is essentially complete, I wonder if they’ll be doing anything special or if they’ll wait for the rest of Storybook Circus to finish and then ‘officially’ open it then.

2 thoughts on “Dumbo Photo-Op Now Open at Storybook Circus”

  1. Thanks for posting those pictures. I know that the expansion is not complete yet, but I’m glad they are rolling out the rides that are finished. 8 days and counting….WDW, here I come!

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