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Meet the latest Napa Rose Pastries and Desserts

Inside the Grand Californian, and just a few feet away from Disney California Adventure, sits one of California’s best wine country restaurants. Chef Andrew Sutton keeps a careful eye on the seasonal menu and the kitchen at the award winning Napa Rose restaurant. He’s assembled a superstar team of chefs and servers who will make your evening a delight.

Here, Executive Pastry Chef Jorge Sotelo takes you through some of his most recent delicious creations.

A little known secret is that, barring special events, you can visit the bar area of Napa Rose and order off the menu. So no need to wait for a reservation to open up to enjoy one of these treats.

3 thoughts on “Meet the latest Napa Rose Pastries and Desserts”

  1. You know, I’m a native Californian and not quite a foodie but I can pretend, and I have yet to see anything on the Napa Rose menu that I can eat.

    Disney is really falling down on the job if they can’t put a decent vegetarian selection on a Californian menu. We have truly amazing vegetarian and vegan restaurants here, especially in northern California. Ironic that a restaurant named for Napa can’t get it together.

  2. Just a comment on the previous comment about Napa Rose not having a vegetarian selection. Have you ever asked? I have a friend who is strictly a vegetarian and eats there regularly. Andrew aleays manages to please my friend onevery visit. There are options, just need to ask. BTW, this is one of the best restaurants i have ever eaten at.

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