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Big Secret of Next-Gen Revealed

The biggest project being worked on in the renowned underground bunkers of Walt Disney World is the ultra-secret Next-Gen system. Known as NGE internally, to differentiate it from the Next-Gen interactive queues that are part of a separate project from WDI, development costs are reportedly as much as building two brand new theme parks. So it better be good right?

This morning I had the chance to sit down with two Disney executives who recently left the NGE team to start up their own company. The pair definitely had some interesting things to say, things that might just turn your ideas about the Walt Disney World Resort on its head.

First, NGE will be an additional cost. Depending on which hotel you’re staying at it could costs as much as $200 extra (plus equipment deposits) for your party to experience the improvements. For that guests will be issued a pair of internet enabled goggles preloaded with an augmented hyper-reality app. Using that technology Disney will be able to provide a customer overlay for each guest that will affect every moment of their day from hotel stay to new looks for the interior of each attraction

As an example of what the average guest might see, the executives showed me this video of how the interior of a hotel room might look like:

Guests who pay more won’t see all those ads, of course.

The NGE project is expected to roll out one year from today.