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Tigger’s Bouncy Place opens at Winnie The Pooh

I was at the Magic Kingdom early Saturday morning with my son making our usual rounds. Since the new interactive play queue for Winnie The Pooh opened, one of my son’s favorite things to do has been to get in some quality play time before the queue gets too busy. Going on the ride is actually a bit secondary to enjoying the queue, at least until the newness wears off.

As it turns out there was already a small line for the standby queue and just as we walked up, a cast member was moving aside the trees that just the day before had blocked entrance to the Tigger’s Bouncy Place section of the queue. Based on reports online, it seems like this is just a ‘soft-open’ for that section of the queue and it may or may not be open when you visit.

Looking closely at the bounce pads, it appears Disney has done some work on each one adjusting the spring mechanism to provide a stiffer spring and a shallower dip. Each pad is surrounded by new soft ground that doesn’t quite match the color of the other ground that was laid when the queue was built.

Here’s a quick video of Tigger’s Bouncy Place in action:

More photos, including other changes to the Pooh Play queue, below the jump:

Although there is a ”pathway” marked for adults to follow, this is the first place where the queue splits and you can see that most guests didn’t know which way to queue. Instead of going around the outside of the play area, they just made a quick right. Cast members will have to keep an eye on this and the kids playing at the same time.

I asked an adult to jump on a bounce pad a few times to see how depressed we could get it. This was about as deep as it went.

The Bee Hive play area also opened recently. That wasn’t even there when the queue first opened.

I hope they’re going to find a better place to hold the FLIK cards. This is really bad show.

Another change made to the queue area is placing these ‘feed bags’ filled with padding to prevent the little ones from getting injured on the ‘brick’ beneath the pillar. Definitely some poor design by the architect of this space.

This section of the play area is already broken and semi-hidden from view.

It will be very interesting to see how this queue evolves. It’s definitely a work in progress. Tigger’s Bouncy Place looks to be a big hit now that they’ve solved the initial problems. I hope they’ll continue to add details and child-proofing elements to the queue as time goes on.

5 thoughts on “Tigger’s Bouncy Place opens at Winnie The Pooh”

  1. Re: FLIK cards
    They’re actually supposed to be hung on the FLIK boxes themselves; not all cast members have gotten the memo yet. :P

    Re: watching people play/queue in the Tigger area
    Only if we have the staffing for it. We can try to watch it if we can, but when we’re in the greeter positions at Pooh, not only is it hard to see the Tigger area from the front, but we also have to answer guest questions, check Fast Passes, and move strollers. We also have to maneuver ourselves around the guests who treat the queue like a playground and enter and then exit through our queue entrance. Sometimes we only have one greeter available, and that’s a lot for one person to deal with all at the same time. If we can watch the queue, I prefer for us to watch the gophers. Parents are letting their children climb on top of them, which has resulted in several “injured” gophers already.

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