“Glee” star Matthew Morrison visits Disneyland

“Glee” star Matthew Morrison enjoyed a Halloween visit to the Disneyland Resort last weekend and encountered three of Disney’s most delicious Villains: Captain Hook, Cruella de Vil and the Evil Queen.

Apparently Matt’s favorite villain is Captain Hook? Perhaps he’ll be a guest star on a future episode.

2 thoughts on ““Glee” star Matthew Morrison visits Disneyland”

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  2. We literally bumped into him. Rather, he and his group were at the entrance to Tarzan’s Treehouse and we were trying to enter, and I had to walk around the group holding my 1-year-old, and my wife ended up on the other side of the group with our 3-year-old, and had to squeeze around. I knew someone in the group had to be famous, as they had that look and were being escorted by two plaids. But since I don’t watch Glee (don’t hate me… I’m straight and I have young kids that take up my time), I had no idea exactly who it was.

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