California Adventure Begins Dismantling Entrance Icons

The giant Sun icon and California mosaic that were intended to be California Adventures welcoming icons are now being removed. Entrance to California Adventure will be remade to be more evocative of Southern California at the time Walt Disney first moved to Hollywood.

“Affectionately” known as the Giant Hubcap, the Sun icon was supposed to be continually illuminated during the day due to reflectors that would rotate to capture the real Sun’s rays. That neat effect lasted less than a year. More successful was the giant mosaic. At least it worked as an art piece, but really contributed very little to the overall story of the park.

While I couldn’t care less what happens to the Sun icon, I hope they do save the mosaic. I think it would work well on the grounds of the Grand Californian or, perhaps, as part of the rumored Disney museum coming to Glendale.

What do you think they should do with this pieces?

A bit more on this story at the OC Register.

4 thoughts on “California Adventure Begins Dismantling Entrance Icons”

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  3. I have to agree with Dave. Calf. Adv. was the worst idea Ei$ner ever came up with (OK, Disneyland Paris ranks up there). Wow, I just realized how much this guy screwed up this company. Raising park prises 50% and selling VHS of movies made 20 years ago is about the only thing he really did to save the company. After that, if he would have left Disney to someone who loved Disney, we would be so much better off.

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