No Ordinary Family Trailer

The trailer for ABC/Disney’s new series “No Ordinary Family” has hit the net. It’s basically a real life version of Pixar’s “The Incredibles.” But hey, that was such a great film, I’m happy to see the idea explored a bit more.

In “No Ordinary Family” Michael Chiklis is a super dad who is also a super cop, but after a plane crash he and his family become super heroes. Julie Benz is the wife, gifted with super human speed (think Dash from the Incredibles). The showrunner is Greg Berlanti, who has been responsible for fan favorite series such as Everwood, Dirty Sexy Money and Brothers & Sisters. So there’s a good chance this will be a hit for Disney.

I will, of course, be looking for someone willing to cover this new show with recaps of every episode as well as news about the show as it develops. Please let me know if you’re interested.