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Disneyland testing talking Mickey Mouse for guest photos

A few guests have reported they were selected for a special session with Mickey Mouse. In the session Mickey’s eyes blink and his mouth moves and words even come out. Yep, the talking Mickey Mouse character we’ve heard about for about 5 years has finally made it into the parks, at least on a test basis.

Although the guests were made to sign releases, they were more to indemnify Disney in case something went wrong with the experimental character during the interaction. One guest has posted video of their session with the new Mickey Mouse. Let me know what you think.

For now Mickey’s in his Toon Town studio on a temporary basis only and there’s no guarantee you’ll see the new Mickey.

15 thoughts on “Disneyland testing talking Mickey Mouse for guest photos”

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  2. I don’t think it’s a good idea…No talking Mickey. If this happens, then all the Mickey Mouse’s in the world will have to talk. You know the saying “Silence is golden”. Mickey’s voice just isn’t that pleasing……..know what I mean. In cartoons it’s alright, but not in person. Don’t do it. I’d say most children will be scared. I know I would…DON’T DO IT………

  3. I do not like this idea. At all. As a kid, I was really shy, so I HATED talking to people. Princesses made me uncomfortable, but never with Mickey.

    Besdies, there’s something classic about over-the-top actions and no voice.

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