Monorail Coral Smoke Incident Yesterday

Update: word is that the Express line at the MK had trouble tonight too with one train being pushed back to the barn.

Monorails are known to be prone to brake fires. They’re usually small ones that are easily put out, sometimes just by the wind of travel. I’m hearing a report that last night Monorail Coral was involved in a brake fire that possibly spread to its tires.

The monorail pilot reported Signal 25, aka “Visible Odors” the keyphrase for smoke, with passengers on board. There were no injuries, but I’m told that Monorail Coral is offline until it can be fixed. With Monorail Silver in the shop too, this means the monorail system is running at low capacity for the next few days.

I’m thankful that no one was hurt, but this is yet another accident in a string of back luck for Disney’s transportation system. I wish Kevin Lansberry luck and speed in getting everything fixed. WDW doesn’t need any more bad PR right now.

9 thoughts on “Monorail Coral Smoke Incident Yesterday”

  1. Hopefully this is the last of the negative monorail stories. I love the monorail, and I hope these stories don’t affect people’s willingness to ride them. I know the monorails are extremely safe, but people are hard to reassure when they hear things like this.

  2. Agreed, no safety concerns at all with the monorails, I feel completely safe riding them, but I’m wondering if maybe it’s time to start looking at buying some new ones.

  3. Disney is currently interviewing for the position of “Vice President, Walt Disney World Transportation.” Let’s hope they find a suitable candidate soon.

  4. I was on Coral at 7:45pm on January 30 when it broke down halfway between the TTC and the Contemporary en route to the Magic Kingdom. It took us an hour to get the tractor out to tow us to the MK station. The MK-TTC beam went down after that for a while, but I think they reopened it again once they got Coral off the line, because the ferryboat and the buses were swamped (at least 5000 extra guests who would have been on the monorail were forced to take the buses or the ferryboat). I was not aware of the brake fire before now, but I did hear that Coral had had some problems. Hopefully they get it fixed, and add the 12th train soon.

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