New developments in Disney’s fight against Segway use in the parks

Last December Disney announced they had reached a settlement with three plaintiffs who sued to be allowed to ride their Segways in the Walt Disney World resort and parks. The plaintiffs each had a disability for which they used the Segway as an assistive device and, the claimants pointed out, to give them more dignity when visiting Disney’s theme parks.

Today the original lawsuit was thrown out by a court who said that just feeling more dignified was not enough reason to force Disney to allow Segways when existing devices (wheelchairs) work just fine. Disney, of course, is claiming victory and oddly enough, so is another party.

Disability Rights Advocates for Technology (aka DRAFT) claims that the settlement Disney made with the original plaintiffs would have prevented future visitors to the parks who rely on Segways and other new forms of transportation for more than just a more dignified visit to the park from filing their own claims.

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