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Dancing with the Stars: Semi Final Results

So, the time has almost come. We’re down to the results show. But with only four couples, let’s see how long it takes to get to them, shall we? Yes, Dancing with the Stars, I’ll be timing you.

We started off with a song from the musical guest, then we went to the recap. And we did get an encore. Gilles may have gotten two perfect scores, but they went with Shawn’s perfect scoring Argentine Tango.

Speaking of which, most of the night was devoted to the pick a pro competition. The two remaining pros are Mayo Alanen and Anna Demidova. This week, Mayo is paired with Kym Johnson and Anna is paired with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. They will each do a Ballroom and Latin dance that the potential new pro has choreographed. I’m not going to devote much time to them, but here are some thoughts.

Mayo & Kim – Tango – Wow, Kim’s costume is barely there. It’s almost all see through. But the dance is dramatic. I didn’t quite see the unusual stuff they were talking about during practice, but it was beautiful. I’m impressed.

Anna & Maks – Quickstep – Now that’s a quickstep. Personality a plenty and they are hopping all over the stage. They had to be panting by the half way point. That one just blew Mayo out of the water.

They broke at this point to remind us that this is an elimination show then present the viewer choice Stars of Dance, a quickstep with Derek, Julianne, Lacey, and Mark. As much as I normally like the quickstep, it was just a bit too silly and slapstick. But the couples seemed to be having fun, so that’s what really mattered.

On to part two of the battle for a spot as a pro next season. (And as much grief as I give them for the long drawn out elimination shows, this is a better use of them than watching someone sing.)

Mayo & Kim – Cha Cha – This is fun with some great personality. Well, I’m not sure about the part where they were dancing disco style side by side, but it was enjoyable. The judges were free with the constructive comments, however.

Anna & Maks – Samba – I normally think of Samba as fun and not hot, but this one was hot and fun. In my mind, there is a clear difference between the two and a clear winner. The judges seem to agree as well, with Len threatening to show his bum in the supermarket if she isn’t the one back next season. Please, everyone do your part and vote for Anna.

We were 50 minutes into the show before we finally got anything on the four couples up for elimination tonight. We found out that Gilles and Shawn were both safe. Then we went to a commercial break, of course. Melissa and Ty were not necessarily in the bottom two.

Ultimately, Ty was eliminated tonight. He really did deserve to go tonight (or last week, really). As much as I have bagged on him and predicted he would be leaving, I have a lot of respect for him. He’s worked hard every week and never gave up like some of the other celebrities in the bottom of the pack have in past seasons. (Cloris? Steve? I’m looking squarely at you.)

So, next week Gilles, Melissa, and Shawn will dance to the same song, then do the long awaited freestyle. Until then, feel free to stop by my blog to see what else is on my mind.