Handprints in History: Star Today at Disney-MGM Studios

I’ve never claimed to be an expert in Walt Disney World history, but I’m trying to learn. So I’m going file this one under learn something new every day.

Class is in session and Professor Disney Shawn regales his students with the story of the forgotten “Star Today” program from Disney-MGM Studios.

The idea behind “Star Today” was that Studios Guests would be guaranteed to run into a celebrity during their visit, adding to the glamour and allure of the Hollywood experience. Every day, a celebrity was scheduled to make appearances in the park. Typically, these would include a Star Motorcade down Hollywood Boulevard, a Handprint Ceremony in front of the Chinese Theater, and a Star Conversation at the Theater of the Stars where Guests could actually ask questions of their favorite celebrity. Throughout the day, the stars would also make surprise appearances at the start of Studios attractions like Superstar Television or the Monster Sound Show.

This is a program I’d like to see return today. Not just Disney-list celebrities (although they’re good) either. Perhaps they could add two or three other month long festivals like Star Wars Weekends. (ESPN The Weekend is the right idea, but too short.) Any nominations for who you would like to see at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

Learn more and see some of those famous handprints over at Disney Shawn’s blog.

4 thoughts on “Handprints in History: Star Today at Disney-MGM Studios”

  1. I love this idea. I actually have been thinking a lot about Hollywood Studios lately and I think that Hollywood Studios has a lot of potential and Disney really could have a gold mine on their hands with this park if they used it right.

    For example
    They have Star War’s Weekends and ESPN the Weekend but this is about the only chance you have to gurantee seeing some stars in the parks.

    I think for a month they should have what they call ABC Primetime Weekends. Have motor cades, conversatinos with maybe even film a segment from a show in the park. Bring in stars from Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives etc. And end each weekend night with a fireworks show set to the soundtracks from the shows. I know having an event like this would drive me to the parks. I love seeing stars at the parks and Hollywood Studios would be a great fit for this.

  2. Yes, I miss that – though a real popular star could cause havoc – think Disney Channel stars of today!

  3. I actually experienced this on my first ever family trip to Disney World in March of 1991. Howie Mandel was the “celebrity guest” for the day, at the height of his first wave of stardom, and there was indeed a motorcade through the park where he waved to everyone. My dad even videotaped it, and you can hear him yelling “Hey Howie!” in order to try to get his attention. Apparently my dad was on a first name basis with Howie Mandel!

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