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Pixar Icon to be next Living Character Initiative at DHS?

Upcoming Pixar has an interesting rumor about which Pixar character is next to get the Living Character Initiative treatment from Walt Disney Imagineering. Ratatouille’s lead rat Remy appeard first in Paris Disneyland Resort and is now in EPCOT’s France Pavilion. The rumor is that Luxo Jr., the iconic lamp from the first Pixar short, will be animated via audio-animatronics at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

There already is a ‘hidden’ Luxo Jr. in the Pixar Place area of DHS. Look for the street sign near the huge Pixar Studios sign as you enter from the central plaza.

While I think a ‘live’ Luxo Jr. would be interesting, I’d rather WDI concentrate its efforts on the larger LCI like Muppet Labs.