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Yamabuki to close April 11th

Ever since Godfather Pizza was forced to close to make way for an expanded Disneyland Resort (and eventually a parking lot), no restaurant closing has been so sad for me to hear about. But we knew it was coming. Last year Yamabuki at the Paradise Pier hotel closed for lunch due to lack of traffic and this year it will close for good on April 11.

Yamabuki is actually a leftover from when the Paradise Pier hotel was the Emerald hotel (and later the Pan Pacific) owned not by Disney but by a Japanese firm that then booked in lots of tours from Japan. It made sense to have a restaurant there that provided some comfort to those tourists.

More recently the local had been a favorite watering hole for Disneyland executives who could put the expensive meal on their expense budget. But as the Paradise Pier hotel increasingly became a family destination, the high costs of Sushi made the restaurant increasingly irrelevant.

Thankfully it sounds like Disney will try to find homes for some of the 39 employees. But that won’t be easy seeing as how Disneyland has just laid off quite a number of employees this week.