Lost: Season 5 Premiere

In recapping a show like Lost one must have a photographic memory, the ability to keep several story lines straight at once and pick up on small nuances and minor clues. I have none of these special skills. I do however have a Tivo. And this, my lostie friends is how we will be able to discuss Season 5’s premiere. I walked away from the show absolutely dumbfounded. I don’t know if I’m shocked, sad, excited or happy. I’m just dumbfounded. Too many things happened. In one way questions were answered. But at the same time, we’re still just barely scratching the surface of the unfathomable depths of the mysterious Lost. My husband just informed me that if I do a literal recap of the whole show, it will take you longer to read than if you just watched the episode. That may be true. So, I’ll try to be brief and hit the highlights. TRY is the keyword.

Enough talking, let’s get to the recapping, ok? I think it would be easiest to go in actual order of events. But since that is impossible, we’ll just stumble around till we hit it all, ok?

We begin in yes, another time period–the late 70’s/early 80’s when the Dharma Initiative had just come to the Island. Stations were being built and training videos are being filmed. We see the famed Pierre Chang  grumpily beginning a video for the Arrow station (a creepy station set up strictly for defense). He is interrupted by a Work Man who demands that Chang come see the problems they are having at the Orchid Station. And the problems? Melting drills and nosebleeds. Chang tells them to not touch another thing because the energy at the Orchid Station will effectively help them manipulate time. The Work Man is unimpressed and makes a glib comment to another Work Man…but oh, where have we seen him before? Oh yeah, it’s DANIEL FARADAY.

And this my friends, as intended, sets up the entire episode for us.

(a word…I am recapping this as if it’s one full episode, when in fact, it was 2 separate episodes: “Because You Left” and “The Lie”. I don’t think I’m capable of keeping the 2 story lines separate…)

The Island & The Losties

When Ben turned the famed donkey wheel below the Orchid last season, he seems to have sent the Island elsewhere…well, more precisely elseWHEN. Daniel Faraday, our George McFly-wannabe and the only one who remotely knows what’s going on explains that The Island is like a record on a turntable (you remember those?)…normally it would play straight through, but now it’s skipping. Skipping the inhabitants of The Island forward and back through time.

When the bright light hit, the Losties had no idea they had been moved or that The Island seemed to disappear. The only thing they saw was an empty camp…because they were back in time before they had arrived to build it. And as the “skipping” continued, they would see The Island in it’s different times—before and after they affected it. Sawyer is reacting the same way I’m sure we all would if we just saw our friends blown up on a boat and our camp disappear before our eyes. He is on a rampage and wants to get into the past-present hatch to get Desmond so he can do something to save his friends. (I don’t know what exactly…) But Faraday warns the Losties, Sawyer in particular, that even though they are in a different time, they cannot change time, “If it didn’t happen, it can’t happen.” Even if they try, they will fail.

However, when he sees his crush, CS Lewis get a nosebleed (the same nosebleed that all the time travelers had before they die), he tries to change time himself—by knocking on the door of the Hatch and speaking to our poor hatch-bound friend, Desmond. He asks Desmond to visit his mother in Oxford in order to save everyone on The Island.

Desmond wakes up in the future (lovingly snuggled by Penny) and suddenly REMEMBERS this. Daniel DID change the past. Or the future. Or both. He jumps up and begins the trip to Oxford. (This is BIG BIG BIG, folks!!)

While Desmond and Daniel are communicating,  the Losties are contemplating what to do about their camp and John Locke is in the jungle experiencing the same time skip.

Locke had been with his Others as their new leader (remember Ben set him up to be the new Golden Boy of The Island?). When the time switch flipped, John was transported to the new time, but not The Others. He is alone in the jungle until a yellow plane flies overhead and crashes near him. (A yellow plane…drug runners anyone?) He goes to investigate but is interrupted by a bullet to the leg. Ethan, creepy Other who had previously been killed by Charlie, is holding a gun to Locke’s head. Then the second skip happens and it’s night time…and Ethan is gone.

Locke is alone contemplating the time anomaly and clutching his leg when Richard Alpert (aka Sexy Eyes) shows up with a first aid kit and lots of answers. Answers for questions Locke hasn’t even asked. Sexy Eyes explains that this is happening because the Oceanic Six is gone. And if Locke doesn’t get them back, bad things will happen. And in order to get them back, Locke will have to die. (But the way he said it gave me the impression that this might not be a permanent condition.)

Sexy Eyes also gave Locke his compass. The same compass he showed him as a child. (Remember that one?) He says, “I’m not going to recognize you next time. Show me this.” Now this was weird, because I assumed Sexy Eyes could jump time and space at will. I assumed when he visited Locke throughout his life, he was doing it all at once. But this conversation made me think that Locke may have been in some kind of control over the time-skipping. Maybe?

Locke finally makes it back to the Losties and saves Sawyer and Juliet from some Dharma-ites. Placing their time as late-70’s/early Dharma-ish.

The Oceanic Six

Three years ago our new Oceanic Six are deciding whether or not they are going to lie when they get back to the real world. Everyone agrees that it’s in the best interest of those left on The (now missing) Island. Their rationale is that their experience could never be explained AND they are certain Whidmore is out to kill them all. Everyone agrees except for kind-hearted Hurley who does not want to lie. When Sayid refuses to side with Hurley, Hurley tells him he will remember this and one day when Sayid needs his help, “you’re not gettin’ it.”

Jump back to the future…and the men…

Ben and Jack have hijacked Locke’s body and are in a hotel room waiting for Jack to get de-bearded (thank God!) and de-drugged (thanks to Ben dumping the pills down the toilet). Ben runs a few errands…like meeting up with an Other-ton-type person to keep Locke’s body on ice at a butcher shop. (GROSS.) When he returns to Jack, they plan on getting Hurley first and then going after the rest of the Oceanic Six.

However, we know from last season’s finale that Sayid gets to Hurley first and is taking him to a safehouse. Which turns out not to be very safe…Sayid ends up killing three people making Hurley and himself fugitives. But before this happens Sayid tells Hurley that if he ever has the misfortune of running into Ben Linus, to do the very opposite of what he says. (FORESHADOWING!)

Now, in the midst of Sayid’s murder of these three people at the “safe” house, Sayid gets hit by some kind of body numbing dart and Hurley has to drag him to his parent’s house a la Weekend at Bernie’s. They are running from the police because someone snapped a photo of Hurley during this incident and the media assumes crazy Hurley has struck again.

The Jack/Ben pair converges with the Hurley/Sayid pair when Cheech (aka Hurley’s dad) brings Sayid to Jack at the hospital. Jack resuscitates Sayid while Ben arrives at Hurley’s house to convince him to return to The Island. After hurling a pizza pocket at Ben, Hurley makes the biggest mistake (or was it?) of his life by running out into the street and giving himself up to the police that have been staking out his house.

…and the women…

Kate and Aaron are the happy little family (still with Jack’s picture up at their house…weird) until two lawyers approach her demanding a blood sample to prove she and Aaron are related. Kate runs and eventually gets a phone call from Sun who just happens to be 30 minutes away in LA.

Sun had previously been approached (or detained, rather) by Whidmore. He demands to know what their similar interests are. She says absolutely deadpan, “To kill Benjamin Linus.” With no more explanation than that, the next time we see Sun is when she opens her hotel door to Kate. And thus begins one of the weirdest conversations of the night (first being the Sexy Eyes/Locke conversation and tied with every Faraday conversation). Kate spills the beans on the lawyers and Sun asks, “Are you willing to do whatever it takes to protect Aaron?” Kate says, “What kind of person do you think I am?” (What kind of response was that?!) Then Sun goes on to say that she respects Kate’s decision on the freighter that ultimately killed Jin. HUH?

And the freaky final scene…
A hooded woman is writing equations on a blackboard and using an old school green-monitored computer while a giant pendulum is swinging in the background. She exits her bat-cave and Ben is waiting for her upstairs at a church. He admits he’s lost Hurley. She says, “You only have 70 hours.” Ben says (with real fear in his voice), “What if I can’t get them all back?” She replies, “Then God help us all.” ACK. And the woman? Mrs. Hawking…the woman from the antique story who first told Desmond about time-travel AND the same woman who had a picture of Desmond’s monk friend on her desk. Fuh-reaky.

Questions Answered
1. I’m not really sure.

Thoughts & Questions & Theories & Ramblings
1. Daniel Faraday. Has he been on The Island the whole time?! Is he original Dharma? Or was that first scene really just a show of things to come—our Losties stuck in the early Dharma time of The Island. If that IS the case, they may know Ben as a child. Or rather, Ben knows them since he was a child and has been waiting on them. Every strange thing that’s happened on The Island (and every weird weird all-knowing comment from Ben) may be because they’ve effectively already experienced it.

2. Three Years. The Oceanic Six have been gone for THREE YEARS. Did we know that? I can’t remember. What has been going on for THREE YEARS on The Island? Or has it not seemed like three years because time has been skipping? Or has it only been three years in the “real world”? What has Ben been doing for three years? Does he really not know what happened after he left The Island? Was the last time he saw John Locke REALLY at The Orchid?

3. John Locke. He has to DIE to get the Oceanic Six back? Well, we know he accomplishes that. And isn’t that SO like John to be willing to die for The Island? However, I’m thinking he’s not really dead. Just mostly dead. (ha!) Perhaps he died, but because he can control the skipping of The Island, he knows that once the Oceanic Six is back on The Island, it/he will skip time back to when he was alive and because the Oceanic Six will still be on The Island, they won’t skip back to when John was dead. (*whew* Did you catch that?)

4. If The Island is so all-knowing and destiny-fate-ish, how can it just be randomly skipping through time? Maybe it’s “pre-set” to go where and when it needs the Oceanic Six/Losties/Dharma to be?

5. Whidmore is still an enigma to me. I know he wants The Island but good lord, when was he there? Are we going to get a better explanation than, “he wants to exploit it”?

6. Sun. What in the blue blazes is she doing? Is she really trying to kill Ben? That just seems so weird. Or is it more? Does she want to get back at everyone related to The Island? Is she really after Whidmore?

7. Is Mrs. Hawking Daniel’s mom? OMG.

I have none. Seriously. I am ridiculously happy that Lost is back. I’m even more excited that it SEEMS like we are going to get some questions answered…in fact, that may be what the next two season are. I mean, it’s going to take two seasons to answer the questions we have accumulated in the last four. They can’t possibly give us new questions. That would just be cruel.

The storylines I’m most looking forward to are: Sun (she is stinkin’ stone cold) and the Losties new future/past on The Island. What about you? What was your favorite? What revelations did you have? What big questions? What did I miss (oh, I hate asking that question…)?

I’ll be anxiously awaiting Jughead, next week’s episode over at my daily blog, ohamanda.com. Come visit!

39 thoughts on “Lost: Season 5 Premiere”

  1. Oh, I just remembered something!!

    Hurley’s confession to his mama! That was awesome. I think he sounded like what we’ve sounded like for the last 4 seasons…and he made it sound like a soap opera! LOL! And I was so glad to hear her say, “I believe you.” b/c we FINALLY had a good parent moment!

    That’s all…for now! ;)

  2. Amanda,

    So much fun to read this. I have a couple comments…

    You say that Juliet and Sawyer are being attacked by Dharma folks when John saves them. I’m not so sure they were Dharma. If you look at he uniforms, they don’t look like the ones we seen before. They look more military, and Dave and went back a couple of times listening for an accent and thinking we heard one – British? So, we weren’t convinced they were Dharma.

    I think we knew three years, but can’t remember why I think that. Maybe just because of the size of Aaron on some of the last episodes last year.

    I think Sun is going to be major. I’m totally not convinced Jin is dead, and I think that’s going to come up a lot.

    I also think the constant that Daniel explains when talking about time travel to Desmond is crucial. That definitely has something to do with the nosebleeds. And, I think that the whole constant notion is the reason we’ve seen flashbacks to how all these people have met at one time or another in the “real world”. They may be being constants to each other without even know it.

    Those are my current thoughts. Can’t wait to chat about it on Sunday!


    1. Totally agree about the constant. Interesting that CS Lewis is the only one in need of a constant…is it b/c she grew up on the Island? Or b/c she is NOT a Lostie? Hmmm…

      I did hear the accent. Not sure about if they were Dharma or not…I’m just assuming they were b/c I think/hope that the next few episodes we’ll see our Losties “stuck” in earl-Dharma-land a la the first scene w/Faraday. Hmmm…or maybe they are in the waaaaay FUTURE!

      *sigh* It never ends…

      1. The closed captioning tagged Jones as having a British accent.

        As for the constants, I’m not so sure. CS Lewis might just be the first to be affected by the time slippage and that this will come to affect others as well.

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  4. “They have become…unstuck in time.” Random Babylon 5 reference for you.

    I usually feel a little let down after the first new episode or two of Lost, probably because I have been waiting for so long. That was the cast last night as well, and I’m not quite sure why. So much happened! And I am quite curious to see where they go from here.

    1. Mark, I kinda felt the same way…like it was {{whisper}} boring. It wasn’t…but I think it’s b/c I had SUCH HIGH expectations for it. I think the thinking about it afterwards is almost more fun as watching it, tho’…

      I’ve got about 20 tabs open right now to all the Lostie blogs…

      HOWEVER. I am SO looking forward to some good time travel. Time travel in prime time. How fun!!

  5. I too think Jin is alive and for some reason, I feel like Sun might know this. I don’t know why. Also who is behind the bloodtest request. Whidmore, Ben? I want to know more of CS Lewis’ backstory. She is major somehow and I don’t know how.

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  7. Re #2.

    For the Oceanic 6 and Desmond three years have elapsed since the island was moved. Just look at Aaron.

    As for the Losties (and I’m including Miles, Charlotte, and Daniel with them), they’re now “unstuck” in time skipping both backward and forward. We know that at some point, Locke gets off The Island, that he tells Walt that a lot of bad things happened after Ben moved the island, and that they all have to go back. How much “time” elapses for the Losties between the point where the Island moved and Locke leaves them on his mission to bring back the 6, your guess is as good as mine.

    For Ben, after moving The Island, he appeared in Tunisia on October 24 2005, which, to me implies that he skipped over a little more than 10 months of real time. He then recruits Sayid to assassinate folks. (Sayid later tells Hurley what he’s been doing for the past two years.) We have to figure that Locke eventually got in touch w/ Ben as Jeremy Bentham. Besides, it was Sawyer who said that he last saw Locke at The Orchid.

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot about the time lapse of Ben in the “real world”. I wonder if it’s only been 70 hours for the Losties? Maybe something cataclysmic happens at 70 hours and that’s why Ben has to get the 06 back before then…

  8. Re #5. Miles said that Whidmore had spent 20 years finding The Island again. We knew that Whidmore was one of the backers of the Dharma Initiative which was examining The Island and its properties. It’s likely that Whidmore was using the legitimate studies of the Initiative to find ways to exploit The Island for his own gain.

    1. Hmmm. I didn’t remember that Whidmore was one of the original backers of the Dharma Initiative. Wonder how much of a backer…one of the only? Did he do it selfishly knowing what The Island was? Or did he discover it once he got involved w/Dharma?

  9. Re #4. The Island is not necessarily moving through time. The Losties are the ones who are moving through time. Richard (and presumably the rest of The Others) are attached to The Island and are not time skipping. This is why Richard hands Locke the compass and tells him to give it to him the next “time” they see each other. Locke will likely tell Richard what happened and where to find him.

  10. Good recap!

    I am trying to remember the episode where Richard went to Locke’s home when he was a child to “test” him and he left mad because, if I remember, Locke lied or something, I can’t recall the details. What item did he say belonged to him? I need to go read that recap I guess.

    Some people are annoyed by all the questions, but I like the mystery of it and I trust the writers to answer everything in the end.

    1. When Richard visited young Locke in “Cabin Fever”, he shows Locke six items: a baseball glove, a “book of laws”, a jar of dirt (or sand), a compass, a comic book (“Mystery Tales #40”), and a knife. Locke handled the jar and the compass, looked at the book of laws, and eventually chose the knife. Richard said that was incorrect.

  11. I felt the same way, a little bewildered and maybe overwhelmed?

    I thought the Dharma scenes were part of the island skipping. Didn’t occur to me that maybe Daniel had been there previously.

    of course, Hurley couldn’t make Ben’s job easy by going with him. Now Ben has to figure a way to break him out of jail! That should be a good story line!

    And Sun! What a woman!

    Still, in spite of feeling a bit bewildered, it was awesome and I’m so glad it’s back!!

  12. I thought the conversation between Sun and Kate was excellent, actually. Because Sun was verifying that Kate had the ability to do whatever it took (i.e. be responsible for someone’s death or take someone’s life) in order to protect him… as she had done with/to Jin…

    Also important, I thought, was Hurley’s cop hallucination…

    1. Yes, Ana Lucia. I didn’t even mention her. She made my heart drop, that’s for sure!

      re: Kate & Sun: I thought there was a lot of stuff we didn’t see/understand/hear/know in that conversation. Stuff not being said…

      Again, Sun is the storyline I’m most excited about!

  13. I’ll say it (without a whisper) I was a little bored too. In fact I just hit record with 30mins left & finished it later today. I know we got pieces here & there, but overall I just felt like we knew so much of that already. It did bring up one important question for me though – what was Sawyer’s deal with a shirt. He’s gone shirtless for 4 seasons & did you notice that he asked on two separate occasions if he could have the guys shirt? I just thought that was funny!

    1. I think there’s at least ONE very predictable thing about this show… they have all this “extra” survivor characters that never say anything (I’m not even sure if they use the same extras on each episode), and some times one of them, who has never done nor said anything important before, comes out and suddenly start having some kind of “importance”.
      Every time this kind of characters appear, you know that they’ll be extremely annoying -remember Artz or Paolo??- and they will suffer a cruel death at some point of that same episode.
      Maybe you’ve noticed that too…

  14. Im pretty sure the people who attacked Sawyer and Juliet were Rousseau’s people. That’s 16 years in that past. but im pretty sure that’s the time period that they are left in at the end of the episode.

  15. Welcome back Amanda! Great recap! I really like your points 1 & 3! I think you are dead on.
    I shared a few of my thoughts on my blog – and agree that Ms. Hawking is Daniel’s mom!

    Also – I agree with ‘Kathy Hill’ that the people attacking Sawyer and Juliet are NOT Dharma…They were pretty Keen on cutting off Juliet’s hand. Perhaps Dr. Chang Had a runin with them as well – as he was missing a hand in one of the Dharma videos we’ve seen…

    One question I pose – Could the guy behind the camera filming Dr. Chang have been a younger Christian Sheppard…?

    More at my blog over the next couple of days…

    1. I need to hit up lostpedia.com about Dr. Chang. I’d forgotten his arm. I’m sure we’ll get his backstory at some point!

      And Christian Shepherd on the Island…wouldn’t that be great?!

  16. Nobody has mentioned about Miles coming back with a dead boar in a matteroffactly way without any weapon. He obviously knew it was already dead somewhere and eatable. Seems he knows the area and this time period. If so, why would he be surprised with the flamed arrows attack.
    Seems our survivors are caught between two gangs at war (indigeneous? and militaries). The hand cutting may be some sort of marking stamp in time. How the hell Locke got there in time? Wasnt he next to the crashed plane?

    What bugs me is that there seems to be so little technology behind this whole time travel thing (pendulum, old computers, …)

    Another confusing thing is how Eko relates to all this. Dont think he was on 815. How did he get to the island? Seems he died of oldage meaning that he probably traveled back in time extensively (he looks young but his internal organs are aging)

    What about Walt? Why doesnt he have to go back to the island? Ok hes nobody’s constant. Anything more thoughtful?

  17. Hi Bomir, thanks for commenting. You may have missed a few episodes, let me see if I can answer some of your questions.

    Miles has a ‘sixth sense’ where dead people and things speak to him. That’s how he found the recently deceased boar. It has nothing to do with his having been there before (although he may have, we don’t know).

    My theory about the flaming arrows is that during the time period the losties found themselves in the Island was inhabited by native people who were under attack by the military men who later confronted the losties. I think the hand cutting was just the military man’s way of showing he was serious. He probably had no idea who the losties were. They just dropped into his time unexpected.

    re: the time travel technology, I hope that gets explained. But it’s the hook the whole series is hanged on now. So we’ll have to deal with it.

    Eko was on 815, he was on the tail section (see Season 2).

    I too wonder about Walt. I think he is John Locke’s constant, but that remains to be seen.

    1. John—Walt & John as constants! Good thought!

      I guess I was getting tired by the end b/c the whole flaming arrows/military guys…I just thought they were Others and/or Dharma. So, I need to go back and look at that…

      They did not seem to know the Losties but were VERY adamant about this being THEIR Island. Wonder what was up with that?!

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