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Tragedy in Anaheim tries to rope in Disneyland

A tragic situation in Anaheim, CA has resulted in a lawsuit against the city and a misplaced attempt to draw Disneyland into the case. The OC Register reports that

The parents of the innocent man shot and killed by an Anaheim police officer in October filed a lawsuit in federal court today against the city of Anaheim, claiming wrongful death and civil-rights violations.

The family also issued a statement calling upon Walt Disney Co. officials to install a memorial statue on Disneyland’s Main Street in Alexander’s honor.

Of course, Disneyland’s response is to distance themselves from the situation as much as possible. “Clearly this is a tragic situation, but it has nothing to do with Disneyland,” said a Disneyland spokesperson.

I have to agree with Disneyland on this one. No matter Disneyland’s standing in the community, it is a place of entertainment and not a community center. A more appropriate memorial would be for his family and community to fight to get guns off the street and kids in after school activities in his name.