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Disney Segway Lawsuit Settled

The lawsuit against Disney to allow the use of Segways as an ADA assistive device as its themeparks has been settled out of the courtroom. I’ve written about the case quite a bit and so has Keeping Up With Jonas. I don’t think either of us saw a settlement as a potential outcome, but kudos to Disney for working out what appears to be a win-win solution.

As part of the deal, Disney will provide disabled visitors alternate access to parks in Florida and Disneyland in California. The new vehicles, called ESVs, are intended to replicate in dimension and operation a common wheelchair or motorized scooter while allowing users to stand upright, according to court papers.

The ESVs will be rented on the same terms as sit-down electric vehicles. Disney will continue to ban guests from using two-wheeled vehicles, including Segways, within resorts, according to the filing.

So everyone wins. Disney gets to keep Segways out of the park, for now at least, and maintain some safety standards while the plaintiffs get to ride through the park standing up. I have some bonus swag for the first The Disney Blog reader to send me a photo of the new ESV in use in the park.

The Plaintiffs in the case will also have their attorney fees picked up and be comped a nice vacation at the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World. (Via Daily Herald)

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  1. Wow!

    It sounds like Disney really tried to create a win/win situation and paid for their legal fees and gave them a vacation too. Talk about spinning a potentially bad ADA lawsuit into a good PR bit of news for yourself

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