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Dancing with the Stars: And the Season Seven Winner is….

Well, I got spoiled earlier reading something a friend on the East Coast posted elsewhere on-line, so I know who won. But I am going to try to keep that info to myself as I watch and blog the results for you.

We’ve got a long road to go, so what do you say we get to it?

They started by bringing back all the stars who had been eliminated. Not all of them danced, however. Misty May-Treanor obviously couldn’t dance yet. But she has been cleared to walk on her leg and is healing nicely. She is begging to be allowed back on the show once she is healed, too. I’ve heard soonest would be next fall. I guess we’ll see if it happens. They also had to interview Toni Braxton who had some unspecified successful surgery. Cloris got to dance and talk, leading to a great exchange with Tom that involved pregnancy and delivery.

They did interrupt the trip down memory lane to bring Jeffrey Ross out for a roast. He started out making fun of himself, then Cloris. Best line to her? “That wasn’t dancing, that was Weekend at Bernie’s: the Musical.” But then he turned the focus to the finalists. The best line to the three of them was Jeffrey to Warren: “You’re an inspiration. I mean, how to you dance 8 hours a day every day for three months and stay so out of shape?”

The second hour kicked off with a recap of the semi-finals and Cody and Julianne dancing again and talking to Tom and Samantha where Tom gave Cody some good advice, “Cheer Up.”

(And as an aside, it’s comments like that which remind me why Tom should win best reality show host this coming year. I can understand why Jeff from Survivor won the first year. He was the first. But Tom is so quick on his feet with an appropriate comment he has proved he’s the best.)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post.

It’s now time for the final dances of the show. The three couples will do one of their favorite routines one last time.

Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson – Hustle – It was funky. Seriously, I spent most of the routine trying to remember it from before. But I gave up. It was fun with some great moves. At times, it seemed like he was concentrating a bit too hard, but for most of the time he was so much fun to watch. Len said that, while he wasn’t the judge’s champion, he was the people champion. And he makes Len smile the entire time he is dancing. Bruno called him a hustler. Carrie Ann praised him for making all people, especially men, want to dance. I’m thinking they aren’t going to be that picky in their comments, tonight. Which makes sense. I mean, they can’t really improve at this point.
Scores: Carrie Ann – 9 Len – 9 Bruno – 9 Total – 27 And a total with the judges of 80 out of 90.

Lance Bass & Lacey Schwimmer – Jitterbug – Since this was their best scored dance of the season (if my memory is correct), I’m not surprised they are doing it again. The real question is, can Lance keep both his shoes on this time? The answer is yes. And it’s just as much fun as it was last week. Lance really has improved over the beginning of the season, I can’t argue with that. Bruno said he has become a big showman. Carrie Ann did find a problem with a lift, but she praised them for never once taking the safe road on their journey to the finals. Len said what I just did. Lance was very weak at the beginning, but he’s really begun to shine in the last few weeks and grew in leaps and bounds.
Scores: Carrie Ann – 9 Len – 9 Bruno – 10 Total – 28 So their judges total is 81 out of 90.

Brooke Burke & Derek Hough – Viennese Waltz – I know I’ve said it before, but grace and elegance are the only way to describe this dance. The elements were there, and she looked to confident doing them. They were smiling the entire time. And yes, they included her daughters at the end once again. She moved Carrie Ann to tears and she said they deserved the trophy more than anyone else. Len said this is still the dance of the season. Bruno called her the jewel in the crown of the really grand finale. And they gave us a close up of her fiancee crying.
Tom said before they danced that they need 24 points to stay ahead of the others in the judges leader board. I’m guessing a perfect score here.
Scores: Carrie Ann – 10 Len – 10 Bruno – 10 Total – 30 And their total with the judges is 88 points out of 90.

So now we can start eliminating people. They told us that the third place couple was Lance and Lacey. Frankly, I’m shocked. I had them pegged for second.

Miley Cyrus sang, and we finally got to hear from the stars who hadn’t been interviewed before.

And another commercial break.

Not that I’m surprised. I knew they wouldn’t tell us before the last couple of minutes. And the winner is…

Brooke Burke & Derek Hough

Needless to say, I am thrilled. I’ve been praising her for weeks, so in my mind, the right person won. And it’s nice to see Derek get a trophy since his sister has won twice. And I guess he and Mark Ballas are best friends, too. So really, it’s a tight group that has been winning the next few seasons.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone, and I’ll see you in March when the new seasons begins.