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Sales of Tinker Bell movie outperforming expectations

She’s such a small little fairy, it’s hard to believe she could even make a splash, but the Disney Fairies lines is responsible for an estimated $800,000,000.00 (it’s looks so much bigger when you write it like that) in sales in 2008. Disney is hoping the release of the first direct to DVD Tinker Bell movie will push that number up even further. Guess what? It’s working.

“Tinker Bell,” the first of four direct-to-DVD movies set for release over the next four years, managed higher-than-expected sales in its debut in stores on Monday. Consumers in North America bought 668,000 copies of the computer-animated film on its first day of release, about 22 percent above projections, according to the company. Sales at many Target stores were double the forecast and the movie easily moved one million copies by Wednesday.

That’s good news as Disney Animation is already working on the third movie in the series. Right now they appear to be targeting a fifth film to complete the series. (via NY Times)