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Disney Fan Podcast Review – Girl Power!

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Are you tired, listless? Do you scan your iPod looking for something new? Does your playlist need a shot in the arm? Well,


Its “Girl Power” week on this edition of Have You Heard This!! In the world of Disney podcasts there are only two shows that I know of that feature an all-girl cast; Walt’s Girls with Jackie and April and Those Darn Cats with Lisa and Jennifer. Both are great and well worth a listen.

Jackie and April were the first on the scene with their own Disney podcast known as Walt’s Girls (itunes). The show is a proud member of The Disney Podcast Network. Jackie and April are best friends who love adult beverages and everything Disney. Their shows are hilarious. They cover a wide range of topics relating to Walt Disney World and feature in-park audio pretty regularly. Two staples of the Walt’s Girls show is the Lounge review and the beloved D.O.T.S segment, which stands for Disney on the Spot. This crazy segment involves one of the girls saying a word and the other relating that word to something Disney. This has led to some pretty funny word associations. Jackie and April have such fun together and it really comes through on their podcast. They don’t have a set release schedule but when a show turns up on my iTunes I make sure it jumps to the head of the list on my iPod. I love these girls and their love of Disney is contagious. But, more importantly, they are really good friends and that friendship and love for each other really shines through in every episode.

Our second show for this “Girl Power” week is Those Darn Cats (itunes) brought to the Disney podosphere by Lisa and Jennifer. Those Darn Cats started as a segment on the MouseGuest Weekly podcast. When I first heard these girls I couldn’t stop laughing. I wondered if they would be able to stand on their own and they have done an amazing job so far. You are guaranteed something unexpected whenever you see a new episode of Those Darn Cats downloading. These girls are crazy. Sometimes their shows are very existential, like their show on the Disney Princes from a feminist perspective and sometimes their shows are wacky like they time they discussed creating a new wardrobe for Pal Mickey. Overall, Lisa and Jennifer bring a much needed reality check to our crazy Disney fan community.

I definitely think the Disney podosphere needs some more all-girl shows. If there are some out there that I haven’t heard about please let me know. Walt’s Girls and Those Darn Cats are two great shows. If you haven’t listened to these girls yet, what are you waiting for?

Download Walt’s Girls on iTunes, Website
Download Those Darn Cats on iTunes, Website

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