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August 2008

New Imagineering History Book for sale

Ever look at a book cover and know right away you have to add it to your collection? I just had that experience with “Walt Disney’s Legends of Imagineering and the Genesis of the Disney Theme Park” by Jeff Kurtti. That’s my grandfather Vic Greene… Read More »New Imagineering History Book for sale

Pixar’s Collective (and Creative) Genius

Readers of the September 2008 issue of the influential business management journal the Harvard Business Review will find plenty to absorb in the cover story written by Pixar co-founder and current president Ed Catmull. Catmull details how Pixar’s legendary creativity is an integral part of… Read More »Pixar’s Collective (and Creative) Genius

What’s Hot in the World of Disney

It’s been a while since I’ve done this. But every once and a while I think it’s interesting to go see what’s hot in the world of Disney. This month we’ll look at the bestselling Disney items on Amazon. Usually we learn a little something.… Read More »What’s Hot in the World of Disney

Sunday Reading – Disney Links

Brady MacDonald at the LA Times has a look at the return of the Flying Saucers to Disneyland… only this time they’re Tires not UFOs and they’re at California Adventure as part of the newly themed ‘Carsland’. Meet “Luigi’s Roamin’ Tires“. has the details… Read More »Sunday Reading – Disney Links