Sample Pushing Daisies Pies in a city near you

As part of the promotional tour for the much anticipated second season of “Pushing Daisies” you’ll be able to sample sweet pie and pick up some branded merchandise to show your support of this excellent show.

ABC is bringing the interactive experience of Ned’s bakery, The Pie Hole, to ten major markets across the country. Guests will be able to enjoy free pie and the company of an outgoing restaurant staff, all while experiencing charming décor from the show’s set. Balloons with the show’s logo, posters and daisy decals on the floor will be the icing on The Pie Hole.

In addition, “Pushing Daisies” footage will play on plasma televisions on site, and waitresses on whimsically decorated daisy bicycles will direct people to the restaurant prior to the event. Guests will also have the opportunity to receive branded “Pushing Daisies” magnets, pie-cutters and spatulas. Visitors will turn into fans as they fully immerse themselves in the fantasy world of “Pushing Daisies.” To top things off, a “Pushing Daisies” microsite will chart the mobile Pie Hole’s travels and offer fun send-to-a-friend Daisy messages online at However, that website is not yet online for some reason.

“Pushing Daisies Touch of Wonder Tour” Dates and Locations:

Date Location
August 31 Anaheim, CA – Downtown Disney
September 7 San Francisco, CA – Ghirardelli Square– Chocolate Festival
September 10 Los Angeles, CA – Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade
September 12 Las Vegas, NV – Fashion Show Mall
September 14 Phoenix, AZ – Westgate Complex
September 17 Denver, CO – Larimer Square
September 20 Dallas, TX – Addison Oktober Fest
September 24 Chicago, IL – Lincoln Park
September 26 Philadelphia, PA – The Shops at Liberty Place
September 29 New York, NY – Times Square

Can someone tell me why Anaheim gets a tour spot, but Orlando doesn’t? Hello. Disney Theme Park here. October 1st would be a perfect tie-in to the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot and a great way to end the tour on the first night of the new season.

9 thoughts on “Sample Pushing Daisies Pies in a city near you”

  1. Darn, we’re leaving DL on the 30th. I wonder if I can get another night on my stay this late in the game. I’m guessing with the holiday it’s not possible.

  2. I am going to be at Disney on the 31st. And I’ll be free the night of the 10th and don’t live that far from Santa Monica.

    Does it make me a geek that I am thinking about hitting both of them?

  3. OK. Do people in the south not watch ABC? Where’s Atlanta for goodness sakes?!

    I was just thinking a Pie Hole would be a great addition to Downtown Disney…

    (if anyone goes to this, will they please send me a slice?! or at least a magnet?)

  4. Sorry oh amanda, I guess PD isn’t as popular down there even if you’re a big fan? You should show them the starter kit from abc ( so they can get caught up on last season! :)

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  6. I’ll see what I can do, Amanda. Although I get first dibs.

    Anyone able to get the website to open? I keep getting errors….

  7. So, the site is on line now. And all their times are in the morning or afternoon. Looks like I am going to have to get there really early if I want to go see it on Sunday. And going a second time in Santa Monica is out since I will have to be working.

    I’m kinda bummed that they aren’t willing to have it open at times when people with jobs can normally go.

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