Magic Kingdom Parade re-route underway, general entertainment reductions

For the next few weeks (through the end of August), the Magic Kingdom will have reduced parade offerings. There will be no SpectroMagic, instead there will be two showings of Disney’s Dreams Come True Parade, however both occur on a much shortened route. They’ll start in Town Square and then loop around the hub and head back down Main Street. The reason for this is a much needed replacement of the bridge to Liberty Square.

I would say expect everything to return to normal in September, but we’re beginning to hear of greater reductions in entertainment across nearly all the parks.

We already know about Fantasmic! going to weekends only. Now we’re hearing of additional SpectroMagic reductions and possibly reduced offerings for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Not sure if they can reduce either of them more and still attract guests to return the following years.

I also read on the Disney boards that ‘Four For A Dollar’ has been cut as the pre-show entertianment for Beauty and The Beast at DHS. The change is effective September 20th as per their Myspace page.

It’s really sad that Disney theme park management chooses to reduce rather than increase the special moments that makes Disney’s brand of magic so special when faced with tight times. If anything you need to do more to get the crowds to come back. I know it’s counter-intuitive, but that’s how you stand out when families are forced to make tough choices with their budgets.

3 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Parade re-route underway, general entertainment reductions”

  1. My family usually makes our trips down to Disney Monday through Friday. If this goes through, we might not get to see our favorite night show, Fantasmic!, again.

    Just when I thought things were going to be turning around… sigh.

  2. You are dead-on with that last paragraph.

    Four for a Dollar has been there almost 15 years, pretty cruddy deal for those guys. Reminds me of when Future Corps got cut. Whole lot more “number-crunchers” in upper entertainment management these days then actual entertainment-background people from what I hear. :o(

    My guess is that they’re going to close B&B soon, or hire a new group at the bottom of the payscale.

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