The Simpsons to replace Back To The Future at Universal Orlando

It’s official, Universal Studios Orlando will replace the long running Back To The Future attraction with on based on the popular Fox animated sit-com, The Simpsons.

The ride will use the 80-foot-tall movie screens and motion-simulation
vehicles from Back to the Future: The Ride, to give visitors a virtual-reality
trip through a cartoon theme park called "Krusty Land" — the domain of The
Simpsons’ TV clown.

"We’ll be the first visitors in the new theme park, along with the Simpsons
family," said Scott Trowbridge, vice president of Universal’s Creative
Studios, which designs rides. "Our adventure is set in the world of Krusty

Other Simpsons elements, including costumed characters, also will come to

The new attraction looks to open sometime in 2008. The article doesn’t mention if this will be coming to the Hollywood based Universal Studios. But it would seem like a natural fit. Actually it does! It’s coming to both parks. (Via the Orlando Sentinel)