Alfredo’s to close at Epcot, victim of Disney Dining Plan?

L’Originale Alfredo Di Roma in the Epcot Italy Pavilion is closing this August. When it does another little bit of what makes Epcot a unique experience will fade away. The Rome restaurant was the the place where Fetticine Alfredo was created. A restaurant so famous in the 50s an 60s that Hollywood Stars would fly across the sea just for dinner.

I never experienced the Epcot version of Alfredo’s in what must have been its prime. My first visit was last year during the holiday season when Disney was including its Dining Plan for free with extended hotel stays. The restaurant was over crowded, the service rushed, and the food barely edible. This was a less than magical experience for my family and our out of town guests who were visiting the park for the first time.

I can’t say for sure why the famous restaurant is moving out now. My guess is that Alfredo’s fell victim to the expanded use of the
Disney Dining Plan. This plan has two evil side effects. First, it
requires a hurried service approach as you have to churn more guests
per hour to earn the same profit you earned when everyone paid full
price for the meal. Second, it requires a much simplified version of
the menu to prevent guests from taking too long to decide what to order. I suspect that the owners of Alfredo’s felt that the guest
experience no longer reflected on their brand in a positive manner. That was certainly my experience. With a restaurant in New York and one opening in Las Vegas, Alfredo’s management couldn’t afford to risk the brand image like that.

I’m sure the Disney Dining Plan is a money maker for Disney. But it’s seriously cutting into the show quality one expects to get when dining at a sit down restaurant in Walt Disney World. Hopefully Disney will figure out what fixes are needed to return to full menus and a casually paced dinner in a setting where the party sitting next to you isn’t so close you can smell the garlic on their breath.

Finally, for your entertainment look below the cut to see the cast member fact sheet if a guest has questions regarding the changeover:   

Exciting new changes are coming to the Italy Pavilion at Epcot that will further enhance the Guest experience.

Our contract with L’Originale Alfredo di Roma Ristorante will reach its
conclusion on August 31, 2007. While we have enjoyed working with the
Alfredo’s Group since Epcot opened, we are finalizing plans to develop
a new Italian restaurant concept.

This builds upon the original vision for World Showcase, which was
designed to continually evolve and offer new Guest experiences that
showcase cultures, traditions and immersive entertainment from around
the world.

We look forward to announcing more details in true Disney fashion once all the particulars are finalized.

Q1.Why are you making this change?

We have an opportunity to further enhance the Guest experience and
build upon the original vision for World Showcase, which was designed
to continually evolve and showcase cultures, traditions and immersive
entertainment from around the world.

Q2.Why after so many years?

Although it has been a privilege to be the home to Alfredo’s Restaurant
for more than 20 years, Epcot is transitioning to a new Italian dining
experience where Italy’s rich history and vibrant culture will continue
to enrich the Guest experience.

Q3.When will Alfredo’s close?

Alfredo’s is currently scheduled to close at the end of August 2007.

Q4.When will the new restaurant open?

Although details are still coming together, we expect the restaurant to close temporarily during the transition process.

Q5.What is coming in its place?

While we are not ready to announce this new restaurant, we are
currently finalizing negotiations with a strategic partner. We look
forward to sharing more details once they are finalized.

Q6.Will this change impact the Food & Wine Festival?

No. Everything will operate as normal for this year’s International Food & Wine Festival.

Q7.What will happen to the existing employees?

All affected employees will be presented with options, which will vary
based on their current job function and individual set of circumstances.

Q8.What if a Guest already has a reservation booked for the
restaurant (that occurs after its last day of operations); what should
they do?

As of this time, there are no dining reservations booked that will be impacted by this change.

Q9.Has Alfredo’s Restaurant relocated in the local area?

While Alfredo’s has an established restaurant in New York City, we have
not received any information about a venue in the Central Florida area.

Q10.Will the new Italian dining experience be a part of the Magic Your Way dining plan?

Yes, we expect the new Italian dining experience will participate in the Magic Your Way dining plan.

Q11.Will the new Italian dining experience continue to have Cultural
Representatives from Italy to lend to a truly genuine Italian


Q12.Will this change impact any other venues within the Italy Pavilion or World Showcase?


53 thoughts on “Alfredo’s to close at Epcot, victim of Disney Dining Plan?”

  1. This is really sad to me, but not too surprising. I first ate at Alfredo’s pre-dining plan and was pleasantly surprised. I’m from Jersey, where good Italian food is pretty easy to find. (And our Italian waiter was pleasantly surprised that we knew how to pronounce everything on the menu.)

    By the time I made it back, the dining plan was in effect and the experience, well… the experience was awful. It seemed that none of the diners were interested in the food — it was just another joint where they could plop the kids and grab a meal. The difference between the two dinners was huge. After the last time, I wasn’t planning on going back, but I guess I was still holding out hope that they might pull it off the dining plan and salvage the restaurant. Oh well.

  2. if i ever ate there, it wasn’t memorable enough to make an impression on me.

    in all the interations i’ve had with people in the parks, and as a former cast member, i’ve only heard bad things about the food in the restaurant… the pasta was overcooked and prepared in huge batches, the sauces were tasteless and bland.

    i’m sure the fact that i lived with an italian that worked in the restaurant, and it was one of the most challenging experiences i’ve ever experienced, didn’t do much for my opinion of the restaurant.

  3. Personally, I don’t get the same feeling with regards to the dining plan. Granted, I don’t live near Disney, nor do I frequent it as much as you, but I have never felt rushed when dining, using the plan, and never have felt the menus were shrunk.

  4. Well, it’s a fact that many of the menu’s have shrunk in terms of number of entrees and appetizers being offered. As for the rushed feeling. I am happy that Disney appears to not have sunk to the level of pressuring their servers to turn over tables quicker. But the shorter menu, closer tables, less exotic food choices, all lead to a reduction in time a party spends at the table. Even if it’s just 5 minutes, over the course of a day that’s another party or two they can seat. If they save 10 minutes, they might squeeze in three or four extra parties.

    You certainly can choose to control the pace of your dinner by spacing out how you order or just lingering over the food. Disney won’t kick you out for that.

  5. Free Dining has been offered twice in the past, in August-September 2005 and August-September 2006. It has never been offered during the holiday season.

    This past November and December, guests could rebook a new vacation for August-September 2007 and get the dining plan for free for that vacation.

  6. I agree with most every word posted..Alfredo’s was a treat when it was in it’s prime. Being of Italian heritage and from the north east, it is not too difficult to find good Italian food. My husband I and travel to Disney two or three times a year; we have since 1981. The food plan but has all but ruined the eating experiences at all of the Disney restaurants. We tend to look off site if we want a good dinner. Seems a bit interesting to stay on site but eat off site. The dining plan seems to be a cash cow for Disney; but I do hope they rethink the issue.

  7. I was at Disney Sept 2005 and we did the Dining plan and I thought every meal was lovely. Canada and France sit down meals, multiple courses – they were soo good.
    I’m suprised that this has caused problems.

  8. We ate at Alfredo’s when we visited a year ago. We found the food marvelous, and the help was pretty good — the main problem was with the out-of-control kids and their parents.

    I’m sorry to see them go. We’re taking a short trip to WDW later this month, and we may make a point of taking a last visit to Alfredo’s.

  9. I am italian and i worked at Alfredo’s. I feel sad, hearing about it was something incredible for me! I’ve had a really good time with the guests of WDW, but more with the people i met and i worked with! it’s been a kind of dream, my last job outside of italy and i have enjoyed it very much!

  10. I spent two years and half of my life working at Alfreso’s and it was the best experience of my life. Alfredo’s will stay in my heart forever…

  11. I spent two years and half of my life working at Alfreso’s and it was the best experience of my life. Alfredo’s will stay in my heart forever…

  12. I am not from Italy but I did the International Program back in 2004/2005.

    Epcot and espcecially the Italian Pavillion won’t be the same anymore.

    Alfredo’s is part of my Disney Memory. I met my italian boyfriend (he worked at Alfredo’s) during that time as well…

    I never did eat there but the food wasn’t that special, eh??

  13. i worked at alfredos for 2 years…and all the guest they always tald me that they had one of the best expirence in alfredos and no in the other restaurant around disney…so is not everything true and disney is making a big mistake!!!
    now what they will put in the italian pavillon???

  14. I worked in Alfredo’s 1 year ago and i just can say that the real problem is the organization of the restaurant….I never see something like that but I agree with the introduction because it was really difficult to earn the same money of a “normal meal”.

  15. I use to work at ALFREDO’S between 2004/2005 it was a great experience i’ve never had… The restaurant was all the time overbooked and soooo crowded but there was an atmosphere so magical so special i never tried before!… aboveall while Mr Lee used to sing italian songs :-) it’s a pity that on August will closed, cause lot of italian guys in the future won’t try the same experience and same opportunity like me ! BYE ALFREDO’S

  16. I’m still working in alfredo! Missing 4 months to go home… I’m really really sad about that! An unforgive experience!!! I’m sorry for the story that we made!! from the waiters before me, to me!!!

  17. I was working in alfredo`s restaurant and i quit my program before, like 50% of all cast member, whit disney i did a great experience but the real problem was the managment of alfredo`s. Inside the restaurant all of us was just a number for the manager and the owner, whitout respect.. I would like do again this experience in future whit a new managment but i know we can not becouse we was working in alfredo`s restaurant… Ciao

  18. eleonora alias la gradisca

    I USED TO WORK IN aLFERDO’S Rrestaurant between 1999 to 2000…. it was the most incredible experience that I had in my life… I met a lot of very.. very.. very..nice guys and the incredible things is that we are still friends after 7 years.. I can’t forget that time… it’ll stay forever in my heart….

  19. Viviana #3 - the cashier's girl

    I cannot believe that the restaurant I worked for in 2005/2006 is closing because of a WDW choice..
    Working in Alfredo’s has been an amazing experience.. Always trying to give everything you could for the guests in order to let them enjoy the food and the italian experience..
    The food was not as bad as someone say, the people were great..
    I had the best time of my life for 15+ months: i met lots of new friends from all over the world and a boyfriend too! I met some memorable people: Vincenzo the pastry chef, Pasquale the musician, Isidoro and Walter the kitchen chefs and all the other workers of the “backstage/kitchen” (Leslie, Juanito, John”Napkins”, Adam, Arthur, Steve, Ryan, Ruben…)
    Even if it was a quite hard job and a hard place to work in, it was still the best!
    Disney is making a huge mistake ending the contract with Alfredo’s!

  20. Please!!!!! Olive Garden NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! If the contract with Alfredo is ending so replace with Marco, Gianni, Antonio, Maria, La Sora Lella, Franco, Trattoria Er Puzzone, there are so many names but please not an ameraican brand!!!!! I felt to be Italian more working in Alfredo than staing in my country. Ciao Mr. Lee!!!

  21. Oh Yes!!! After LA PATONZA!!!!! eh eh!!!!!!
    Heila peole that’s me!!!!!!! i’m still Alive!!!!!!
    i knew it that’s gonna be happen!!!!
    It’s sad because Alfredo is Alfredo…in the good and bad time!!!!
    Richard where do you go right now??!!!!
    …well, i hope to see you in the new Restaurant!!! eh eh!!! cia ciao

  22. I worked at Alfredo’s in 1990 an since then I always feld honored and proud to tell everybody I worked for the most famous Italian restaurant in the entire world. No one can replace Alfredo, Disney should understand that and realize they are making a big mistake.
    So sorry, Disneyworld will not be the same anymore.

  23. NO WAY!
    Do you mean we will never hear “Oneeeeeee trittico”, “Oneeeeeeeeee chicken”, “Oneeeeeeee veal chop”.
    Never again?
    And what about you are in station 1 and you are in “bratta” and you have to pick up table 62 in station 19? Even more bratta than bratta, right?
    Poor Disney… you shouldn’t have done this… the Angeli di Alfredo are unique!
    Watch out! Be-ai you! Usa sempre la paletta!

  24. By the way,
    we all remember the golden guidelines “the little mouse” came up with, don’t we? I was personally impressed by the one that went like “always exceed your guest’s expectations”. That really was something!
    And then? All is going down the drain…
    Poor greedy little mouse…

  25. I loved the whole experience there, i just visited this past Sunday, and the server was extremely nice. If anyone who works there knows an Andrea please thank him for me, he made the experience so much better. It is a pity that it will close and I would like everyone to know that the food was amazing as well.

  26. I can’t believe what I just read. I was just at Alfredo’s two nights ago. The food and service was great. Alfredo’s is the reason my family and I are going to Italy this summer. After speaking with the staff, who are from all parts of Italy, we planned our enter trip based on their suggestions. We are going to places one would not normally see with a tour group. This is going to be a great loss for Disney. We are annual pass holders and Alfredo’s is our favorite places to eat. Many nights we will just go there for dinner. If Disney starts to take away the fine dining we will reconsider renewing our annual passes. And I know our friends will too. This is going to be a terrible, terible loss.. I am very disappointed in Disney.. I feel let down !

  27. Disney is replacing Alfredo’s with a commercial low-quality Italamerican fast food? That’s why Italy will be always considered a special place. Food quality and service are more important than the few more dollars little mouse can put in his poket.
    I am sure Mr. Walt Disney will not give you his blessing!!!!!!!

  28. I worked in Alfredo’s restaurant for 14 months like LA PATONZA, FEDERICO (grande CODRIVER), MARLENE and SIMONE too and a lot of GREAT WAITERS not listed above and I agree with all of them saing then the problems of that place were the bad organization and the disney dining plans!!! People you can not pretend to have the best dinner ever had paying 25$ meal for one appetizer, main course, dessert and soda too!!you have to think than we are not in a fast food!!!
    I know than the service sometimes wos rushed but I know than we give you the best service all the times… when you have to serve 2000 each day what do you pretend?!nice and slowly and we did the best! I know than is not your problem but try to think about that and after that we can talk about that again!! I’m sure than from the managers to the chefs in the kitchen and the servers in the dining room we did the best of ourself all the times… I can only apologize and say: we are humans sorry about that!!!
    Soo sad about the closeing of the Alfredos the original of rome!
    I still remember so much good time spent in there!!
    maybe the best time ever had in a working place!!
    Thank you all!!! Proud to be an ALFREDINO!!!

  29. francy...LA FRANCA!

    we will never forget ALFREDO’S and the wonderful experience that we lived…Alfredo’s is ALfredo’s…and just the ALFREDO’S people understand what I’m saying…BRATTAIOLI DI TUTTA ITALIA…PRIMA O POI SI FARA UN RADUNO…e tutti dovran portare un rotolino.Just one thing more: LA PATONZA is right…please don’t call the new restaurant OLIVE GARDEN….I vote for TRATTORIA ER PUZZONE.
    see you soon guys, in the bratta or not.thank’s all!


    There isn’t any other experience of my life in my heart as Alfredo! It’s a shame that people complane about the staff. We killed each other at work and we have always had a smile put on our face.
    Alfredo gave me and all of my friends such an incredible memorie. It has been being part of my life from feb 2006 to feb 2007, and in that long period i met hundreds of americans, italians, people from all of the world. Each of us has a piece of the heart left there and i do thank Mr. Lee and Mr. Cary more than everyone else for giving us the chance to be there. Then i thank all the AFREDINI (e’ normaaaaaaaaaaale!) , ISIDORO and VALTER (- chef i need calamari… – vuoi il sushi???!), MIKE (move move move), LESLIE (scopato oggi? tutta la notte!), ARTHUR (i need a glass of chiant… WOW thanks!), all the cashiers, the dishwashers, micky mouse, minny and … MAAAA’… because you ALL made my days great.

    PS: can i have lasagna, but no with lasagna, with spaghetti!….

    Thanks for being part of my ALFREDO.

    – What’s your name GUILIA?
    – No madam, it’s Giulia like JULIA ROBERTS….

  31. I’m working at Alfredo right now and I’m going to work also on the closing day (8/31)! That’s gonna be a really sad day for everybody!!! Many guest ask me if Alfredo is really closing and they are all upset about it… For sure this is the best experience of all my life and I will never forget it! All the friends I made, all the good memories… This place is really MAGIC, nothing can replace it! Alfredini fatevi sentire!!!! VIVA LA BRATTA!!! VIVA GLI SCIANCATI E I POMPATORI!!! Auguro tante BANANE a tutti!!! To everybody: HAVE A MAGICAL DAY!!! Veronica #67

  32. Glenda 12 (Calimero)

    When I started working at Alfredo’s, that was the most traumatic day of my life. Then I started making money (even if I wasn’t a “pompatrice” I know I will never make the same money I made at Alfredo ever again!), then I began realizing that it wasn’t that bad!!! When I had to leave I was so sad, and now that I know I will never be able to go back, I am really really sorry… No more bratta, no more fights with DD, chefs, other servers, cashiers… To all the nice people I met: thank you for being so nice to me and for making me simle (sometimes… not often, but sometimes…)! Epcot won’t be the same anymore…

  33. ciao alfredini!!!i was shocked when i heard that Alfredo is closing in August…it’s incredible,i was working in alfredo from apr 2005-jul 2006,and i had the best experience in my life:alfredo is on the top 30th of the busiest restaurant in Usa,what the guest expect of a busy place like this?good service?impossible,all the “alfredini” did (and still doing)the best job,the problem was the disney dining plan because the pretend fast service,good food,and no tips for us,just gratuity,it’s not MC Donald there!We are Alfredo restaurant,anyway i still keep in contact with all the alfredini and ex,i met so many people and i say to them:CONTINUATE A POMPAREEEE!!!DI ALFREDO C’E’ NE E C’E’ NE SARA’ SOLO UNO!!CIAO MR CARY AND MR LEE…Ciao a tutti!!!Forza Alfredo!!!

  34. Emiliano Monchiero

    I have to say that somehow it is pretty sad to see it going away. I personally think I own alot to that restaurant. I was there in 2 different contracts from 94 to 96 and 97 to 99….Amazing lifechanging experience. So much that actually I stayed in the country, became a citizen and made quite a respectable carrier out of it. Alfredo’s the Bellanca’s and Disney thought me alot and created alot of professionals in the F&B industry. Thank you for all and see you soon in Las Vegas….Ciao

  35. Giuseppe D'Alessandro

    Oh my God, I am so happy that Alfredo’s of Epcot is finaly closing down. It was about time too! No more lousy fettucini Alfredo’s and “finì culì”. I was a waiter there back in “94-“95. I picked up a lot of hot chicks from around the world who were looking for fun and made tons of cash and spent most of it too having a good time. So why am I happy you may ask? Because I was fired a week before my contract expired and didin’t get a free air-plane ticket home to Italy. But as they say Mr. Bellanca and son “what goes around come around”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Katia e' un mondo d'amoreeeeee

    guys i’m verry sorry about this news… i was thinking about coming back in few years asking for Mr Lee o my dear Richard at the Alfredo’s…. this won’t happen and it makes me feel sad… our memories about the restaurant will stay always in our hearts.. i grew up there, guys, i found myself, i had a great time every day…and i will always be.. the Princess.. thank u Alfredo’s… w gli alfredini sparsi in tutto il mondo, avremo sempre un legame tra di noi..

  37. Well……I’m sad too, I worked in 1994, fun, nice atmosphere, great experience, but sorry guys Alfredo doesn’t represents the real and the good Italian cuisine, probably you use to go to Mc Donald’s. Lol

  38. What a bad new! I am really sorry about this closing. I worked in alfredo in the 94/95 and I had really good time.
    I just would like to say hallo to everyone was there when I was there and tell to the american people to come in italy to enjoy the real fettuccine.
    Ciao a tutti

  39. I just got back from USA, bout 2 hours ago. I had dinner at Alfredos with my family. I had the need to show them why and how my “double-Disney-experience” has changed my life, and made me what I am today. What am I today? Nothing but a girl who had the time of her life in a place where magic can really happen. It had been terrific, even when it was hell. Alfredo is like calcium: it makes your bones stronger!
    Between those walls I met some true friends: Papà, Giulia, Alessia. Friends I know I won’t loose.
    Between those walls I met the man of my life, which I have already lost.
    And between those walls I have learnt that “what happens in Alfredos stays in Alfredos”! It goes beyond hwat one can imagine!!!
    They can pull the walls down, change the furniture, replace that horrible carpet…
    No matter what, I will go to Alfredo in my memory, everytime I will want to.
    I will see myself at the hostess desk, in the backstation, around the tables, in the veranda… I will see in my memories the movie of my life there, when everything seemed possible…
    Much love & banane,
    Ary 54-

    PS- Mr.Lee… What if the I run out of corners?
    Laurent… Sai già tutto…

  40. For those of you who do care about saving this wonderful restaurant, there is something that can be done. Write Disney and tell them what is on your mind and in your heart. Disney really listens to their guests.

    The address is:

    Guest Relations
    Walt Disney World Resort
    P.O. Box 10000
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-1000

  41. Ex server at Alfredo's

    Why don’t they simply let guests know how much the server gets from the Dining Plan? So they can give you more if they want to… Or they could put at least A REAL 15% tip in every meal. I don’t understand why servers, service and food must be the same when everybody gets less than a half of the income they used to get. I don’t understand how they think to solve the problem by simply closing down a restaurant and opening a new one: all the problems will still be there.

  42. I for one am not unhappy to see Alfredo’s depart Epcot. We had dined there about 10 years ago and the food, service and ambience was so wonderful. When we returned to Disney 2 years ago, my husband and I couldn’t wait to eat at Alfredo’s again. What a disaster! We were so disappointed. We had reservations and still had to wait an hour to be seated. The staff were rushed, harried and unfriendly. The place was so overcrowded that it was uncomfortable. We were finally seated, the tables were on top of each other, we ordered and our food was delivered in 10 minutes! It tasted like it was heated up in a microwave. We are from New York and appreciate good Italian food; this was so bad we didn’t finish it, and no, we were not on the meal plan so we felt we overpaid for such a bad meal. We are going back in November ’07 and just made ressies at Tutto Italia. Hope it’s wonderful.

  43. Hi guys! can’t believe this… I ve been working at alfredo’s as waiter 8/1998-7/1999 …. such an amazing experience! Travelled for years the whole world but never found again a place like, expecially, The Commons!…the people from every country, the parties every nite… Unforgetable… about Alfredo’s… come on… the food was not Italian… never understood how people could eat that! The management was incredibly unrespectus.. treating (like Disney mng btw)the staff like savages, not more that numbers…
    About the new food combo’s: i don’t know; surely on 1999 the restaurant prices and, consequentely, the tips were appetible (earned so much money there!)… don’t recon that a fixed menu could have interested that much bellanca though. Sorry for people not eligible for the chance to experience it too… at least, when i was there, it was a really tough life experience.. like “calcium” as a.m.
    Grandi ragazzi! è incredibile pensare che lo staff ed il gergo siano rimasti sempre gli stessi negli anni: bratta, 86, watch ur back, banane, gli chef… mi mancano quegli anni… un abbraccio,
    Federico Verona

    1. I worked at Alfredo’s as a cashier from 1993 until 2002. I’m stunned to hear that Alfredo’s has been replaced by a California-based “business partner”. Although it was a hectic, fast-paced work environment, I did enjoy my time there. Those 9 years were something I will never forget. And yes…the food at Alfredo’s was amazing…and so were the people who worked there. Thanks Cary, Paul, Victoria, Wendy, Sarena, and Ana. And thanks to all the servers who I worked with. I will never forget Alfredo of Rome at EPCOT.

    2. Hello my name is Kevin Rodgers and I worked at Alfredo’s from 1993 to 2002. Although the work environment was hectic, loud, and fast-paced, I have fond memories of servers like Leonardo, Giuseppe, GianDomenico, and Alessandro. I dined at Alfredo’s twice, and the food, ambience, and service were outstanding if not magical. I just wanted to say that it’s sad that Alfredo’s is no longer there. Many thanks to Cary Butcher, Victoria Regala, Paul Snyder, Wendelin Saunders, Sarena Norfleet, and Ana Kanda (I’m sure I am missing a few people…). I hope Alfredo’s in Las Vegas is a great success!

  44. Ciao everybody.
    I’m from Italy and I’ve been working at Alfredo’s as seating hostess in 1987/1988…long long time ago. Just now I come to know that Alfredo is not anymore in Epcot. I was planning a trip to Florida with my two childrens mostly to show them this wonderful place, where I’ve spent one of the most beautiful years of my life, knowing a lot of people and situations, and working in full serenity. I greatly appreciated during that period the guests, the management, the collegues, the singers (Italo…where are you?)…where are you all now, who I cannot anymore imagine at Alfredo?
    This is another broken dream, no place to go back to.

  45. A year later and I find out that Alfredo’s is gone.

    What a pity! I’ve made my last trip to Disney World!

  46. Let’s face it folks. “A new dining experience” is a Disney smokescreen for “We need to get more money out of our guests”. When Alfredo’s first opened it was a wonderful place to get a meal…..relaxed with nice tableside entertainment and excellent food. But in the last 10-15 years, Disney has placed more emphasis on volume of people served and how much money they can make. Don’t believe me? Then why does every new attraction that is built now exit through a gift shop? Alfredo’s refused to compromise on quality and Disney’s new dining plan parades people through restaurants like a herd of elephants. Just another example of placing the almighty dollar at the head of the line. Walt would be sickened to see the company’s attitude these days.

  47. I first experienced Alfredo’s in the late 1980’s, and was a regular there with my wife for decades. We were there so often we developed a friendship with the lead tenor, Italo.
    The closing of Alfredo’s is a significant loss to the World Showcase experience. While I personally do not use the dining plan, much of what I have read about the demise of the restaurant centers around the “Plan” philosophy. How sad. Disney has always been a model for corporate operation and customer satisfaction. Have they now become part of the current mentality of profit over purpose? Disney has grown since our first visit in 1985, and the growth has resulted in many new, wonderful amenities. But growth must come with concern for basic principles. Keep up this kind of attitude, Disney, and you may see more than one restaurant leave town.

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