Disney character cast member accused of child porn possession

A worker at Walt Disney World who plays Beast in the Beauty and the Beast Stage Show and sometimes in parades and meet and greets, has been arrested and accused of possessing child porn. The accused has only been employed by Disney for about 7 months.

I hate making posts like this. I feel there is little Disney can do to prevent hiring all sorts of people. It’s not like we want our employers screening our hard drives and scanning our brains before they decide to hire us. But it turns out there is some good to this story, it looks like the people close to the accused recognized the potential danger of his collection and tipped off police.

2 thoughts on “Disney character cast member accused of child porn possession”

  1. The good news about something like this is that if this man is guilty, it is still highly unlikely that he had any chance to harm a child in his capacity as a character cast member. There’s no chance while performing in a parade or stage show, and doing meet & greats, he would have been accompanied by a handler.

    Even if a handler was “in” on his perversion, they’d still have to be able to find a way to escort a child to a hidden area without their parents noticing and without any other cast member noticing. Also, the child would likely freak the moment the cast member started to get out of character, because the characters are very real to children, even if the child knows on some level that someone is playing the character.

    So, while it may creep people out that he could have gotten sick jollies through hugging unsuspecting kids, it is unlikely that he was able to harm children at WDW. He would have been more of a danger when he wasn’t at work.

  2. Sadly, I think we’ll see more of this, not less. As society continues to sexualize children, more and more child predators will emerge…even amongst the hallowed halls of Disney. There isn’t much they can do to prevent it and it just breaks my heart.

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