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One man’s quest for Dole Whip

What involves eBay, a gelato machine, and the search for a non-dairy frozen dessert? How about Scott Kleper’s quest to reproduce the Dole Whip he found at Disneyland in the comfort of his home.

I’ve made several attempts to make pineapple ice cream based on recipes that claim to taste just like Dole Whip. I’ve dragged my wife to ice cream shops that sell pineapple sorbet because some girl said on her MySpace page that it was just like Dole Whip. I’ve even compiled a list of known Dole Whip locations based on quarterly extensive Google searches that are frustratingly polluted with pages about Bob Dole when he was Majority Whip.

Dole Soft Serve Mix (aka Dole Whip) is a non-dairy dry mix that is reconstituted with water and frozen down in a soft serve machine. This unique product delivers an intense, natural fruit flavor, yet is low in fat and is cholesterol-free. It’s available at Disneyland at the stand outside the Tiki Room and at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom at the stand just as you enter Adventureland from the hub. I had no idea you could get it elsewhere (except maybe Hawaii). Now I’ll have to keep my eye’s open, or buy a Gelato machine, I guess.

Thanks for the great story Scott.

10 thoughts on “One man’s quest for Dole Whip”

  1. My family had a frozen yogurt shop in 1990 and ordered actual Dole Whip to sell. It said Dole Whip on the bag but was not the stuff from Disney. Instead, it tasted like sherbert.

  2. Great story!

    And I must ask, am I the only one who shudders to think of what might happen to Dole Whip under the new nutritional guidelines for Disney Parks food? Let’s just hope it gets classified as a “special occasion sweet” and not a “snack!”

  3. I love Dole Whip, however, the best batch I ever tasted was at the Dole Plantation in Hawaii; the pineapple flavor was much more intense.

  4. I agree–the best Dole Whip is definitely in Hawaii. I had the Dole Whip at both the Dole Plantation and at the International Market (both in Maui, Hawaii) and it tasted great in both places.

  5. The dole plantation is not in maui its on oahu
    thats where I had the yummy whip. I bought some from the mall in waikiki and it wasn’t anywhere near the same stuff. well worth the 4.00 per cone.

  6. If you want a decent solution to your craving, my wife and I searched long and hard and found this:

    This one is reconditioned, but they sell them new, too. Main difference is warranty and a whopping $600! Also, check out another unit at

    We haven’t made any whip, yet, but maybe consider using PINEAPPLE JUICE or a dilution of it instead of pure water for a more intense flavor? I think there may be some pulp in those Dole Whips on Oahu!

  7. I had no idea Dole Whip was so elusive. I go to Luther College in Decorah, Iowa and we have Dole Whip in the Cafeteria several times a week! I was just looking it up because I was curious about it’s composition. I’ll appreciate it more now that I know it’s kind of a delicacy. Stop by if you’re ever in North East Iowa, Scott!

  8. Anyone know if there’s any Dole Whip in Houston, Texas? Or even Austin? I loved the stuff when I visited Disneyland (even went back for 2nds within 20 minutes!)

  9. Rebecca L. Baldwin

    I would love to have your compiled list for dole whip locations.I thought my friends and I were the only pavlov,s dog. Just say dole and we druel! Disney got us hooked! Going to Maui in Sept. headed straight to the international market!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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