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One man’s quest for Dole Whip

What involves eBay, a gelato machine, and the search for a non-dairy frozen dessert? How about Scott Kleper’s quest to reproduce the Dole Whip he found at Disneyland in the comfort of his home.

I’ve made several attempts to make pineapple ice cream based on recipes that claim to taste just like Dole Whip. I’ve dragged my wife to ice cream shops that sell pineapple sorbet because some girl said on her MySpace page that it was just like Dole Whip. I’ve even compiled a list of known Dole Whip locations based on quarterly extensive Google searches that are frustratingly polluted with pages about Bob Dole when he was Majority Whip.

Dole Soft Serve Mix (aka Dole Whip) is a non-dairy dry mix that is reconstituted with water and frozen down in a soft serve machine. This unique product delivers an intense, natural fruit flavor, yet is low in fat and is cholesterol-free. It’s available at Disneyland at the stand outside the Tiki Room and at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom at the stand just as you enter Adventureland from the hub. I had no idea you could get it elsewhere (except maybe Hawaii). Now I’ll have to keep my eye’s open, or buy a Gelato machine, I guess.

Thanks for the great story Scott.