Drawn to art and animation

Drawn is a new(ish) collabrative blog devoted to artists, illustrators, cartooning, and providing inspiration for those involved in the field. It also reads like a who’s who of up and coming talent and a roll call for some of the masters. Ward, of the must read ward-o-matic, posted a story about Al Eugster. Eugster was a journeyman animator who worked at all the famous studios including the Disney Studios from 1935-38. There’s even a Geocities site (be patient if there is bandwidth overload) with photos and history links.

One thought on “Drawn to art and animation

  1. Ward

    Hey, thanks for the pluggage! We’re having loads of fun with Drawn! and the same goes for me with The Ward-O-Matic. I simply LOVE your site here. Great amount of info on anything Disney–I love it! Thanks again.

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