The Campaign to Free the South

In 2004, Roy E. Disney commented on the film’s lack of availability to,
"I am sorry to tell you this is another reason to do our best to move
Eisner out. He has been – for quite a few years now – totally against
(I think AFRAID is a better word) re-releasing
Song of the South,
which happens to be one of my favorite of the old Disney films. A
number of us have tried, for some time, to change his mind, to no

The latest commentary on wonders why the Disney animated film Song of the South has not been reissued like the rest of its siblings.

3 thoughts on “The Campaign to Free the South

  1. Whit

    It is my understanding that some within the African American community find this film to showcase negative stereotypes. Personally, I do not believe that this is the case, as Uncle Remus, while admittedly a cartoonish caricature of blacks in America during the era portrayed, is still the films protagonist, providing wisdom and humor and of course one of Disney’s most-loved songs.

  2. Melinda

    I have a friend who has this movie on VHS I have seen it a few times and think it is an excellent movie!
    Some people I think have a need to make a stink about just about everything. This movie shoud be re-released, it just plain stupidity to think of this movie in ways that I’m sure were not intended and let’s face it, that’s how things really were back then.
    I have considered making a copy of my friends tape as I really like the movie. My friend said she got it from England a long time ago?

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