Hijinks in the Mouse House

HiJinks in the Mouse House is a website with stories to tell. Specifically you’ll find stories about what it’s like to be a cast member at Disneyland and some of the shall we say ‘interesting’ stuff you come across. Here are a few samples:

Back in 1992 not too many people had their nose pierced, I went through Harbor House (employee entrance) and the guard there told me to take the ring out of my nose. I explained that I would take it off in the locker room before I went on-stage. He then said "no, you’ll take it off now". At this point I noticed he was fired up, which of course fired me up so asked him "or what?". To which he responded "Or else I’ll rip that goddamned ring right out of your nose you punk!".

The auctioneer is a special kind of audio-animatronic. He’s basically the most "advanced" model, but very expensive to make and maintain. He was shown to us on a tour that they used to give cast members at the WD Studios and Imagineering. He can actually crack that whip he holds, thats’s how fluid they can make his movements. The only other AA character that was in use at his level of sophistication was the Wicked Witch at the MGM ride in WDW