Granville’s Review

My husband and I both decided to have the seven onion soup. The presentation of the soup was very elegant. The runner put down a huge white bowl, tapered in the middle, with small parmesan crisps at the bottom. The soup was in a separate container, like a gravy boat, which he then poured into the bowl. The soup was very tasty, with lots of onions, and the parmesan crisps were a nice extra treat.

Cindy at ColdDeadFish has a review of the Disneyland Resort’s least known restaurant, Granvilles. Cindy’s style is descriptive and to the point. You’ll definatly get a feel for how well this dining experience is suited to you.

One thought on “Granville’s Review

  1. Mellie Helen

    We ate at Granville’s on the eve of our wedding, as well as other times. It is definitely one of my favorite dining spots for a quiet, elegant night out. And the food was always delicious.

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