Santa’s Workshop in corporate takeover by Disney

According to the online magazine The Spoof, Santa’s Workshop has been taken over by The Disney Company in a corporate buyout.

3 thoughts on “Santa’s Workshop in corporate takeover by Disney

  1. Jim H.

    I’m not surprised to hear about a corporate buyout. That seems to be the Disney way. I just read a great article about Disney and working at Disney. Actually, it’s an article about working as a character at the Magic Kingdom park in Orlando, Florida. This article is by a writer named Rob Bloom and Rob talks about the process of auditioning to be a character and some of his experiences at the park. It’s real eye-opening but also pretty funny.
    You can read it at Rob Bloom’s website which is at

  2. S.G. Webb

    Thanks for posting the link to the Rob Bloom article. It’s so interesting to get an “insider” perspective like that. But we still don’t know whether or not Walt is frozen in ice at the park!

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