• Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph in Theaters Today
    Fix-It Felix game

    Disney Animation has released one more clip from Wreck-It Ralph as the movie is set to debut in theaters everywhere tomorrow. This one features Fix-it Felix Jr as he encounters Sergeant Calhoun for the first time and setting off one of the movie’s sub-plots: Reviewers are mostly kind to the…

  • Wreck-it Ralph – Behind The Scenes Featurette
    Wreck-it Ralph – Behind The Scenes Featurette

    A short, but fun, featurette for Disney Animation’s Wreck-it Ralph. It features some behind the scenes insight into the movie from the people involved. It also begins to explore some of the relationships that are key to making the film work: One of the most amazing things about Wreck-it Ralph…

  • Wreck-it Ralph Reviews Spot
    Wreck-it Ralph Reviews Spot

    Press screenings for Wreck-it Ralph are underway and Disney is already out with that fun stereotypical TV spot where they quote movie reviewers who all go tell you to see the film: Having seen Wreck-it Ralph recently too, I find myself agreeing with every one of those comments in the…

  • Wreck-it Ralph – Clip from Bad-Anon meeting
    Wreck-It Ralph Poster

    In Disney Animation’s Wreck-it Ralph, the title character is a video game bad guy who wants to be good. But he’s not the only one who is conflicted about being bad. There’s a whole self-help group called “Bad-Anon” for video game villains. Here’s a preview clip focusing on “Bad Guy…

  • Wreck-it Ralph New TV Spot and Clip
    Wreck-it Ralph New TV Spot and Clip

    We’re less than a month away from the November 2nd opening of Disney Animation’s Wreck-it Ralph. Here’s a new TV spot to help get you excited: below the cut is the first extended clip released from the film

  • New International Trailer for Wreck-it Ralph
    New International Trailer for Wreck-it Ralph

    When you want to see all the latest marketing efforts for Disney’s big films, it pays to keep an eye on the international channels. They often get to see scenes and characters that are withheld from us in the states. That’s true with Wreck-it Ralph. A newly released international trailer…

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