• International Zootopia Trailer reveals new footage

    We were excited to see a new international trailer for Walt Disney Animation Studios 55th animated feature “Zootopia.” There was a lot of new footage, a couple new characters, and a new name. Zootopia will be called “Zootropolis” in Europe ( closer to Greece, I guess ). The team behind…

  • Beware of Mr. Big, new clip from Disney’s Zootopia

    Walt Disney Animation Studios has released a cool new extended clip from it’s upcoming animated feature “Zootopia.” Yesterday they shared the humorous “Elephant in the Room” clip, while today’s clip is just a bit more serious. In this new clip we find our heroes Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde exploring…

  • Countdown to Zootopia at Legendary El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood

    Disney animation fans will want to plan a week-long reservation at Hollywood’s legendary El Capitan Theatre as it hosts a special countdown to “Zootopia” event. The seven night festival of films celebrates Walt Disney Animation Studios’ new era of storytelling. All feature films will be accompanied by recent and celebrated…

  • Shakira shares “Try Everything” from Disney’s Zootopia

    Disney animation’s Zootopia imagines a world where humans never evolved and animals learned to make their own civilization. This week we got our first look at some of the music from the movie. International superstar Shakira is lending her Grammy-winning voice to Gazelle, the biggest pop star in Zootopia. The…

  • First Clip from Disney Animation’s Moana

    Get excited. Disney has released a very quick snippet from it’s upcoming animated feature “Moana. This is our first look at completed animation from the film along with a few new images. Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) provides the voice of demigod Maui shows up in the trailer along with…

  • New Zootopia Trailer from Walt Disney Animation Studios
    Zootopia Nicke Wilde, Judy Hopps

    Good news! This morning we can all enjoy an early New Year’s gift from Walt Disney Animation Studios, a new trailer from Zootopia! In it, Officer Judy Hopps partners with Nick Wilde to solve Hopps’ first case. The trailer also features Shakira’s new single “Try Everything.” Wow, lets watch that…

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