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  • POTC4 Rumors just that says Scribe Rossio
    POTC4 Rumors just that says Scribe Rossio

    From Dark Horizons we learn that Pirates Of The Caribbean co-scribe Terry Rossio has denied the veracity of all the rumors about the fourth edition of the series. On his official blog Rossio says, “none of the recent Pirates 4 rumors have any truth, including the so-called record 50 million…

  • Ben Barnes is Prince Caspian
    Ben Barnes is Prince Caspian

    As recently as February 2007 Ben Barnes was your typical struggling actor trying to make his way in London’s theatre district. Then Walt Disney Pictures cast him in the title role of the second film in their Narnia series and Barnes will forever be known as Prince Caspian. Disney and…

  • New Prince Caspian Trailer
    New Prince Caspian Trailer

    This is more of an adult trailer with more of an emphasis on action and effects. For Prince Caspian to be a hit at the box office, it will need to attract more than just the ‘family film’ crowd. In fact, if I had a problem with the first film…

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