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  • Secretariat: A Second Opinion
    Secretariat: A Second Opinion

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect going into Secretariat. Disney seems to be marketing this film as though it’s The Blind Side (But with a Horse), and as though it’s absolutely nothing like The Other Very Successful Racehorse Movie that Starts with S and Ends with T….

  • G-Force DVD Trailer and Extras
    G-Force DVD Trailer and Extras

    If you missed Disney’s G-Force in theaters I can understand. It’s not exactly a film in the classic Disney mold. But it does have heart and a plot that actually drives a story line. Eventually you’ll get over the idea that the main characters are computer animated because they really…

  • Patrick Swayze – RIP
    Patrick Swayze – RIP

    Very said to hear that Patrick Swayze has died. He was 57 years old. Although he was not involved in a lot of Disney projects, Swayze got his start at Disney and and did find a few wonderful movies to participate in. He began his career as a dancer for…

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