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  • Secretariat: A Second Opinion
    Secretariat: A Second Opinion

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect going into Secretariat. Disney seems to be marketing this film as though it’s The Blind Side (But with a Horse), and as though it’s absolutely nothing like The Other Very Successful Racehorse Movie that Starts with S and Ends with T….

  • G-Force DVD Trailer and Extras
    G-Force DVD Trailer and Extras

    If you missed Disney’s G-Force in theaters I can understand. It’s not exactly a film in the classic Disney mold. But it does have heart and a plot that actually drives a story line. Eventually you’ll get over the idea that the main characters are computer animated because they really…

  • Patrick Swayze – RIP
    Patrick Swayze – RIP

    Very said to hear that Patrick Swayze has died. He was 57 years old. Although he was not involved in a lot of Disney projects, Swayze got his start at Disney and and did find a few wonderful movies to participate in. He began his career as a dancer for…

  • Race To Witch Mountain finds its target
    Race To Witch Mountain finds its target

    Race to Witch Mountain found its target at the box office this weekend bringing in the number one spot for Walt Disney Pictures with $25 million. This was also the second largest opening for a film with Dwayne Johnson at the lead (Scorpion King did $36 million). There’s little new…

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