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  • ABC to air Madoff movie mini-series

    Bernie Madoff pulled off the largest financial fraud in the history of the United States. He hurt countless families, charities, foundations, and even celebrities with his massive ponzi scheme. He will forever be remembered as the prime example of the hubris and excess that led to the Great Recession. It’s…

  • Pixar vs. Dreamworks
    Pixar vs. Dreamworks

    In light of my recent post on Wall Street’s sad view of Pixar‘s franchise making ability, you should check out this cartoon that captured the gestalt of Wall Street’s arguement last week. Then head over to Spout where the general feeling is Wall Street has got it wrong, once again.

  • Disney Beats Wall Street Estimates, profits up
    Disney Beats Wall Street Estimates, profits up

    Disney released it’s second quarter earnings after the closing bell on Wall Street today. The results look good for the mouse house with movies (led by Enchanted, Hannah Montana, and National Treasure 2) and theme parks (not affected by the slow economy yet) leading the way. Although not all quarters…

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