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  • Disney announces 3 apps for new Android Tablet
    Disney announces 3 apps for new Android Tablet

    Even though Apple founder Steve Jobs sits on the Disney board of directors, that won’t stop the company from shacking up with Google’s Android platform. According to Venturebeat, Disney mobile has announced that three apps will be available to run on the new tablet operating system codenamed Honeycomb. Bart Decrem…

  • Epic Mickey Review
    Epic Mickey Review

    Ed: Please welcome new guest author Jeff Heimbuch with this excellent review When you think of video game stars, Mickey Mouse isn’t exactly one of the first to spring to mind. In fact, he might not even be on the list that is populated by Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong, and…

  • Epic Mickey’s Disneyland Ties
    Epic Mickey’s Disneyland Ties

    I’m very much looking forward to Epic Mickey, the first video game to feature Mickey Mouse in a long time. I’m also trying to keep relatively spoiler free. But I broke that vow for these cool photos comparing Disneyland to scenes from within the game. You can tell that game…

  • Alice in Wonderland Video Games coming soon
    Alice in Wonderland Video Games coming soon

    Disney Interactive has released some some screenshots and video trailers for its upcoming video games based on the Tim Burton film “Alice In Wonderland”. There is a Wii Version and a Nintendo DS version. They hit stores March 6th, but you can pre-order them today on Amazon. Youtube Trailers for…

  • Many more details about ‘Epic Mickey’ revealed
    Many more details about ‘Epic Mickey’ revealed

    The GoNintendo website got their hands on an early release of Game Informer magazine and shares many new details about the much anticipated ‘Epic Mickey’ game expected to come out later this year. – Mickey’s appearance is much, much closer to his original debut style – Disney was the one…

  • Toy Story Mania for Wii
    Toy Story Mania for Wii

    Disney Interactive Studios have released Toy Story Mania! for the Nintendo Wii. Based off the bicoastal attraction at Disneyland and Walt Disney World resorts, Toy Story Mania! brings together the classic characters from the Disney Pixar franchise as they stage their own carnival. If you haven’t yet gotten your hands…

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