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Actress Elizabeth Mitchell on Disney Cruise to Alaska

Actress Elizabeth Mitchell, most known for her role as Dr. Juliet Burke on ABC’s television series “Lost,” sailed on Disney Cruise Line’s very first voyage to Alaska. Mitchell made a short video showcasing some of the highlights of her family’s … Continue reading

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V Fall Finale Recap – It’s Only The Beginning

My apologies for being a bit delayed with this recap – hopefully you were all so busy enjoying your turkey and Black Friday shopping you didn’t mind the wait! On the other hand, perhaps this is one way to prolong … Continue reading

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“V” Episode 2: There is no normal anymore

Although record numbers tuned in for the premiere last week, Episode 2 saw those ratings fall 30%. And while the collective complaint of the first episode was the lightning speed with which it moved and how much was packed in, … Continue reading

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V: The Arrival – Episode Recap

I’d like to welcome back our newest guest author S. Divnich, who will be covering “V” here on The Disney Blog. – Ed. It seems like we’ve been waiting forever, but the Visitors finally showed up last night with the … Continue reading

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“V” Premiers big, Retooling still ahead

First, if you missed “V” last night, you can now download it as a free video on iTunes. Second, if you did see it, you weren’t alone. Almost 14 million people watched with you. That’s a good sign for ABC … Continue reading

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