• Up House – More Pictures of Real Life House from Pixar
    Up House – More Pictures of Real Life House from Pixar

    The Disney Blog reader Justin lives right around the corner from the Parade of Homes event site in Herrimen, Utah. That’s the site where a developer is building a full-scale livable version of Carl and Ellie’s home from Pixar’s Up. A huge thanks to Justin for sending in some more…

  • Real Life “Up” House for sale in Herriman, Utah
    Real Life “Up” House for sale in Herriman, Utah

    Update: More stories covering the Pixar “Up House” including two great video tours. Bangerter homes, in conjunction with the the Salt Lake City Home Builders Association, has come up with a great way to get visitors, and potential buyers, to their Parade of Homes event, they’ve recreated a full scale…

  • Up – The Premake Trailer
    Up – The Premake Trailer

    Youtube user whoiseyevan has created a new form of fan tribute called a “premake.” What’s a premake? It’s a new take on a trailer for a popular film made by splicing together footage from dozens of older movies with a little creative editing. The Pixar film ‘UP’ recently got the…

  • An “UP” Night at the Oscars
    An “UP” Night at the Oscars

    Congrats to the well deserving crew up in Emeryville that worked on Pixar’s “UP”. It brought home two Academy Awards last night. One for best animated picture and one for best original score. I thought it was a nice touch that the people from Pixar in attendance wore the ‘Bottle…

  • UPular

    Like mixtapes from the 80s, video remix’s are growing in popularity. Of course, it takes a bit more talent. Artist Nick Bertke (aka Pogo) has created this video using samples from Pixar’s Up. The music is an inventive piece composed using chords, bass notes and vocal samples from the movie….

  • Disney Aims UP for Best Picture
    Disney Aims UP for Best Picture

    Disney has placed an ad for Pixar’s UP on the front cover of The Hollywood Reporter as part of a campaign to get it an Academy Award. Up’s covers commonly draw attention to the fact that Pixar’s 10th film is the best reviewed movie of the year and also lets…

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