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  • New Tron Sneak Peak
    New Tron Sneak Peak

    Olivia Wilde (Quorra) and Garrett Hedlund (Sam Flynn) introduce a newly released sneak peak at TRON: Legacy. It’s mostly the same stuff, but there are some new scenes, added special effects and new sets to get excited about.

  • New TRON: Legacy Billboard
    New TRON: Legacy Billboard

    I’m loving this newly released billboard artwork for TRON: LEGACY featuring Quorra (Olivia Wilde). They actually have the full size version of this up at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Tron 2.0, Tr2n, Tron: Legacy, what ever you want to call it hits theaters December 17, 2010. Woo! Below the jump I’ve…

  • Tron Show Coming to Disneyland
    Tron Show Coming to Disneyland

    Here in Orlando we have the Tron-o-rail, which is nice if a bit of a moving billboard, but in Anaheim, word on the street is that they’ll get a whole dance party and show called ElecTRONica to promote celebrate the films debut. They’re also considering adding a Flynn’s Arcade and…

  • Daft Punk Tron Mashup
    Daft Punk Tron Mashup

    When we look back on the success of TRON: Legacy I believe we’ll find that one of the smartest moves they made was to have the indy punk techno band Daft Punk compose the music for the movie. It’s going to bring in a whole class of people who might…

  • TRON: Legacy touched up by Pixar braintrust
    TRON: Legacy touched up by Pixar braintrust

    Disney’s $7 billion purchase of Pixar Studios is looking better and better all the time. Not only are they continuing to roll out the hits (Toy Story 3 just became the best performing domestic release from Pixar ever) but they’re helping to save other projects at the studios as well….

  • Own your own Tron Lightcycle
    Own your own Tron Lightcycle

    Disney fans, your fantasy is about to come true. You can bid on one of five road legal actual Tron LightCycles made exactly to movie spec.Yep, they’re just like the props in the movie, but these you can actually light up and ride down the road on. The Parker Brothers…

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