• 100 Days of Star Wars trivia – Day 76: Redwoods

    Day 77: The speeder bike chase scene from “Return of the Jedi” seemed like a fast-paced race across the forested moon of Endor. But the reality was nearly as interesting. The chase was filmed in a grove of Redwood trees taht were slated to be cut down for logging. This…

  • 100 Days of Star Wars Trivia – Day 77: Hutt

    Day 77: Master makeup artist and puppet designer Stuart Freeborn created many creatures for the original Star Wars trilogy. Among them are Yoda and Jabba the Hutt. The crime lord Jabba the Hutt was a massive puppet that took up to seven puppeteers to operate. It weighed around one-ton and…

  • 100 Days of Star Wars Trivia – Day 78: Frozen

    Day 78: If that whole “Frozen” thing doesn’t work out in EPCOT’s Norway pavilion they can retheme it to the planet Hoth from “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.” Scenes on the ice planet of Hoth were partially filmed on location at the Hardangerjøkulen glacier in Norway. The production was…

  • 100 Days of Star Wars trivia – Day 79: The Swing

    Day 79: A lot of matte paintings were used to make the small sets of England’s Elstree Studios appear to be the size of a Death Star. In the scene where Luke and Leia perform that iconic swing to escape Stormtroopers, the production couldn’t afford stunt performers. So Mark Hamill…

  • 100 Days of Star Wars trivia – Day 82: Release

    Day 82: Every previous Star Wars film has been released in the month of May. Star Wars hit theaters on 5/25/1977, The Empire Strikes Back on 5/21/1980, and Return of the Jedi on 5/23/1983. There was then a 16 year pause until Episode I – The Phantom Menace opened in…

  • 100 Days of Star Wars Trivia – Day 83: Mark Hamill

    Day 83: Actor Mark Hamill, who portrays farmboy-turned-jedi-knight Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga, turned 64 today. That’s a couple years older than Alec Guinness was when he began work on the original Star Wars film. Like Guinness’ Obi-Wan, Hamill sports a “contractually obligated” beard in episode 7, “The…

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