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Inside Walt Disney World’s new Slinky Buses

Call it what you will a slinky bus, wiggle bus, caterpillar bus, accordion bus, or vestibule bus, the new articulated buses at Walt Disney World add a new dimension to travel around the resort. Disney even built a whole new … Continue reading

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Could Google provide a solution to Walt Disney World Transportation Issues?

Ever since my first ride on the monorail at Disneyland I’ve had a fascination with Mass Transit. A ride on the PeopleMover energized my idea of personal rapid transit the same way. Unfortunately, I’ve been disappointed by the lack of … Continue reading

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Bring to Walt Disney World: The Hyperloop

This week crazy-like-a-fox billionaire businessman Elon Musk introduced his latest revolutionary concept, the Hyperloop, and then gave it away to the masses as an open source project. Musk’s previous successes include Paypal (without which much online transactions wouldn’t happen), Tesla … Continue reading

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Should I Rent a Car?

One question I get a lot is “Should I rent a car when I visit Walt Disney World?” If you’re not staying on property, the answer is pretty simple:  Yes. There are no resorts within convenient walking distance of Walt … Continue reading

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Proposal: A Solution to Walt Disney World’s Transportation Problems

In the past we’ve done our share of speculation for how Disney World could fix its transportation woes. What if I told you there was a solution that would cost the resort less than $50 million to build. That’s about … Continue reading

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