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Avengers: Age of Ultron Awesome TV Trailer

The previous Avengers: Age of Ultron trailers have been pretty good, but the new trailer, just a TV spot really, is the awesomest. Yeah, I’m geeking out. Yes, there’s probably been enough footage revealed already, but the cool little moments … Continue reading

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Japanese Trailer for Tomorrowland Reveals More Secrets

Don’t watch this trailer if you want to remain mostly unspoiled for Tomorrowland. But if you are as excited as I am, you might enjoy seeing the extra footage that Disney sneaks into the Japanese version of the trailer. It … Continue reading

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Disney’s Cinderella opens on Friday – New Trailer

Reviews are pouring in for Disney’s Cinderella and a new trailer has been released highlighting the positive remarks. Order your tickets to see Cinderella today through Fandango and a small portion will help The Disney Blog continue. Thank you Previously: … Continue reading

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Pixar Trailer for Inside Out introduces “Brain Freeze”

A new TV Trailer for Pixar’s next animated feature “Inside Out” has more details about the life of an emotion, including what happens when their person gets Brain Freeze. Get in touch with your emotions on June 19th in a … Continue reading

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New Cinderella Trailer

A new trailer for Disney’s Cinderella has been released. We all know the fairy tale of Ella of the Cinders, the wicked stepmother, the charming prince, and the woman who runs away from the ball only to be discovered by … Continue reading

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